Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)



Since the last 20 commenters don’t understand the meaning of “on topic” this will remain closed until the next CRJ news is released.

Seriously, guys. It’s not that hard. 🙂


New pic, existing livery. Enjoy


Keep it on topic.


Hop around like a bunny wabbit? 🐰


Here’s another picture of the same aircraft. Very beautiful indeed! 😍

Aircraft tail numbers on the wing

Looks like there are the oil streaks from the wheels under the aircraft.


Woah woah woah, that’s Infinite Flight?!


That detail with the shading by the wheel well though. 😍


I noticed those on the new Frontier liveries too, I hope it is the norm from now on :)


Those wheels though man!! If I didn’t know better I’d be thinking to myself “this be in the wrong category. Surely this be real world”! Great job so far by FDS.


Yeah, the grease slicks are really adding the final touches on the quality of these aircraft. I’m lovin’ it!


Yes, indeed. The attention to detail on the undercarriage is such eye candy.

I may be incorrect here, but is the first aircraft that contains the tail/registration number on the underside of the wing? Don’t think I’ve noticed it on other aircraft currently in-game.

Edit: Found here. Thanks, @George!


I think so, I know some Asian airlines have those on their 777s and I haven’t seen them there.


Registration on the wing, a first.

This aircraft in insanely detailed, from the top to bottom!


I’m truly excited for it :)


We all are @Infinite.flight lol, should be amazing to get to fly this baby when it comes, every time a new aircraft or Rework comes into play, FDS always hits it out of the park!


Dash-8-Q400 also has this feature too, as I have seen it once while flying a Dash. It gives a realistic feel when flying the aircraft. Nice to see that the Developers are adding the features of CRJ until it’s smallest details 😉


Oh yeah George is right, there are some on the Q400.


100% excited!
It has been what? A few weeks? A month? Since the MD-11 is out and we are already seeing a high quality and well-working model of the next aircraft that looks very playable, I honestly expect it to be one of my favorites when it comes.