Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


I wouldn’t make any assumptions. Laura did say this:

Read the post that she was replying to as well.


So I’ve heard that the CRJ’s will have Autoland, but after research, they don’t IRL. I’m not sure about the CRJ-1000


Please don’t speculate unless this is something that we know for a fact


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Do we know what the high quality cockpit includes? Just nice graphics (which look really nice), or are some functionalities actually working?



As of now, we only know that it’s high quality. Nothing else has been confirmed.


Functionalities haven’t been confirmed, I suggest looking through the confirmed features portion of this topic. The CRJ is still in its first few development stages, so we are still learning about it.


Yup, of course. Thanks anyway


I’m excited for this! Thank you Laura for putting all this hard work into pleasing us. It means a lot.


Please do not go off-topic. We do not want this thread closed already. Thanks.


Don’t worry yourself @AustralianFlyer we are always watching. Enjoy yourself and have a Happy New Year! Cheers, Levet


We might want to delete that, it’s been in the livery charts for years now and not been added on for lots of reasons. Also @schyllberg said that it’s not confirmed. I think a reg should remove it for now and then if it is confirmed, then we can bring it back on. I’m sorry, just my 2 cents!


It is not coming. The mods and devs clarified that themselves.

There is an easier way to comment

unnecessary. We have flags for a reason.


I would like you to show me where it clearly says the following words:
“This is not coming.”
"Don’t expect this in IF."
Flags are not to be used for this specific reason. In tracking threads, flags are to be used for specific comments that are “off topic”. This is ON TOPIC because it is in the top tracking post.

Thank you BalloonChaser!


Now lets leave this topic and move on.


They never said that it won’t be coming… They stated that they have had it for a while and others are speculating that it won’t be added


Anyways it’s not part of the Bombardier CRJ family ¯_(ツ)_/¯



Last I checked a Boeing 737 was not a Canadair Regional Jet. Clearly your post wasn’t on topic. Don’t be so quick to jump on something and someone without first evaluating your own post.


Guys, can we stop talking about the Shamu Boeing 737, It’s not relavent to this thread.

This thread is Only meant for tracking the Bombardier CRJ series, not any other aircraft or airplanes.

If we continue to go off topic, this thread will eventually be closed


Oh my. Please stop or i might be getting an aneurysm, and i don’t want that. Maybe next year.