Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


In the video, I saw a hallow interior (correct me if Im wrong)


As Laura said above it isn’t done yet.


Yup sure did. I hope we can access the cabin when it comes out. (Not speculating)


I’m pretty sure she meant that the live video wasn’t finished. :)


Ok, but, that doesn’t exist anymore…


You can find anything related to this CRJ once we publish it in our forum thread :)


Larua are the windows like the 717s windows with a transparent window that would be awesome also are the cabins coming back?


We will just have to wait and see :)

As of now don’t speculate anything. Because you know what happens when speculation does occur


This thread is not for discussing VA operations regarding new planes and/or their liveries.


Not sure if anyone else noticed it, but the CRJ rework will bring an entirely new level of animation detail, if you look at the front gear you can see that now even then hydraulic lines are moving when the gear is turned


I saw that too! A whole new level of realism!


The windows are transparent if someone wants to add it to the top.


That doesn’t really count as a feature. It’s because FDS hasn’t made the interior visible yet. That’s why we can’t see the cockpit from the Outside view yet.


HOP CRJ-700. Laura invited us for LEPA - LEMD. Gear up in 5 - 10 minutes. It’s on expert server BTW.


So I have read the post, but I just want to clarify…
What versions of the aircraft are confirmed?
(-200, -700, -900, -1000)

The post only shows confirmed -700 liveries but I wasn’t sure.


Always read the top post to see what variants are confirmed. Also, check out the FAQ


I was just clarifying to make sure I didn’t miss any thing, plus the FAQ doesn’t have any answers, they are just fill in the blank questions.

So then just those -700 are confirmed?


Yes. The first question in the FAQ answers the question you asked.


I’m pretty sure there will be a cabin because on the live stream you can see right through the windows.


Nobody else comment on this until something else is released by FDS.

Speculation leads to nothing good.