Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Looks like a hint of what’s coming after the new CRJ! Oh, and take note to those who plan to mention the A350 on here, sorry to burst bubbles.


Sounds like reworks instead of new aircraft which if it is the case Im all on board. Dont know though since it is way to early to tell. But the CRJ will be a much needed addition to the sim.


I’m so excited about Philippe’s comment, I want to cry. Tears of happiness! 😭


Probably because it gets annoying seeing people spam “A350” multiple times a day.

He did say that “we have enough airliners” so that should answer what you might not be getting.


Drop the A350 discussion. Now.

Airbus A350XWB Family

Phew! I was just thinking, “I’ve seen it on Instagram, but where can I get more quality info on this? Ah,” I said to myself, “the tracking thread on the forum!”

Merry Sarcastmas to all. 🙄





There is no way to say the United Express livery on the CRJ200. It could be removed and come back on a different aircraft or in a different livery. Wait until evidence is provided.

As said above, don’t post on this thread.


  • A new picture is posted

  • A new feature is confirmed



Keeps getting better and better


Very interesting shadow


I’ve been waiting for this update, the whole entire IF life! This will probably be the best update ever, except for the global update! <3 Luv Delta Connection…


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Both passenger and cargo doors are animated. Make what you want out of that ;)


Laura is flying from LFPO - EDDF.


Well, what ya’ waiting for? There’s an open invitation to join Laura.


Not a worry. 😉 Virtually posted within less than a minute of each other.


Isn’t it unrealistic for the CRJ to have a NAV mode, or an auto land?


I wasn’t a fan of the CRJ until i searched it up and omg i started loving the way it looks! Just stunning guys really! Cant’t wait for them to release this aircraft!


Another shot of HOP!'s CRJ 😉


Is that the 1000 or 900?