Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Why the hell did Misha open this? I liked it when it was closed…


Go away and stop commenting then


Love the Air Canada Express CRJ-900 :). Can’t wait to use the Lufthansa 748 on the EDDF-KBOS (and vice versa) Route :)


I’ve been waiting for sooo long for this! Finally the update has everything I wanted, round of applause to the devs for the hard work they put in!


It’s so beautiful. Love the new livery so excited!


Ill admit I never cared for Air Canda’s new livery but on the CRJ it looks damn sexy.




don’t get your hopes up. Emphasis on may





Looks like we have them attempting to make clouds they should do 2d layer clouds its easier to do


As happy as that makes me, I highly doubt it’ll come out with this update.


Positivity is key here keep your hopes up…

Being realistic here is key, it’s probably not gonna come.


Ahh, more great stuff!!
Kudos to our amazing devs and staff!


Oh my god this looks amazing!!! I can’t wait!!


yes!!! congrats to the staff for working hard on making IF realistic ;)


Yes big emphasis on “May”. Would be interesting to see, even if they are 2D or non HD.


I can’t believe how well the new Air Canada livery fits the CRJ!


The Air Canada Livery looks stunning on this aircraft. I’m speechless


So excited for this update 😆😆


Probably working on lots of things, doubt clouds will come in the next update though.


To be honest it’s scary how much there doing for a mobile sim they keep suprizing me I love it