Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Off topic!!! How many yet to come ???


The absolutely biggest problem about this topic right now is:

Many of you are way too freaking sensitive about the whole “off-topic” thing and are not allowing any kind of discussion as a result of it. A productive and good discussion is something we constantly are trying to achieve on this forum. And it will by it’s very nature go slightly off-topic. And that’s fine!

Of course very obvious off-topic comments that have absolutely nothing to do with either the active discussion or topic be dealt with, but it should not be as it is right now.

It’s ridiculous.

Problems with Aircraft Tracking thread that I'd like to address


You’re all on time out.


Because I’m nice, here’s a photo of the new Lufthansa livery as seen on the 747-8. Maybe @MishaCamp will be nice enough to open the thread for you guys to comment. I’m not going to poke a mama bear with a stick around her cubs. 🤨


They have eyes they do not need mouths


Air Canada CRJ900

Air Canada Virtual Official: Now Open for Business [Recruiting Pilots]


This is absolutely incredible, thank you very much FDS!


Thanks for the sneak peak! :)


That’s one of the most beautiful thing’s i’ve ever seen


It’s amazing 😍😍 I love it


Very nice livery. Good to see the fleet expand!


The liveries almost look realistic from those pics.


Wow. Air Canada is the best liverie.


One sweet livery to the canadian skies. Thank you to Deer for the “sneak peaks”


Looks great! Can’t wait for the update! :)


Another amazing livery the detail to include the maple leaf wing tips


If you look closely, you can see that the elevators are also painted black. Great attention to detail FDS!


One of my fav liveries! Thanks guys! (Hoping to see the Austrian Arrows CRJ-200 being added and then I have all the liveries I want xD)