Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Okay, I’m sure all of you guys can talk about this off topic stuff somewhere else… just not in this thread.


I’m glad they’re adding the unpopular ones too!
Japanes liveries still has chance!!!


I’d say this update is gona be the biggest update in IF ever!! Who thinks it is aswell?


Well, most likely not as we had the global :/ but this is definitely a change


Have you heard of global?


I love the NKS taxi/banana livery, this update is going to be great! If they add Frontier to the A321, that would be all the A321 operators in the US I believe


YAY! I can finally meet Janice!!

But still, I like the livery. Nice for it to be added.


Haha, I get the reference.

Will be nice to have the school bus in IF.


Oh wow. A flying banana


Bruh, everyone’s been saying that.
No need to reiterate what’s been said


This is a tracking thread. If you want to complain about spirit make a new topic.


Better yet, keep it to yourself. We do not need extra topics about complaining. Now, this is a tracking thread, let’s wait until the next news is released to reply again please.


If FDS or Laura upload a photo now with taxi lights in an airport I would suffer a faint of about five months at least. great work and great dedication guys. I love if every day more


Excuse me? Not complaining thanks. I love the Livery. I joke about it being a banana


Bruh, be quiet. Goodbye


Just to CLEAR the air. I don’t hate SPIRIT. I like how it’s been included. It’s called joking. Seems as no one knows what that means anymore


Lets Simmer Down On The Comments Please

The Bannana Bus was announced 16 Hours ago. Comments now are just Offtopic and will lead people to believe that something else has been announced (8 comments overnight)


People have already talked about how we’re going off topic ( @Balloonchaser ). There is no need to constantly tell people not to off topic when someone has already told people not to go off topic.

Honestly. I’m seeing more people complaining about off topic posts than there are off topic posts to complain about.


I hope this update comes soon, I am very looking forward to the new livery GOL 738!!! <3 <3


Please do not request liveries here.