Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


It is pretty hideous, though it shows the progress our lovely devs are making.


@Swiss is really gonna like the new Spirit livery XD


Love the progress there making!!!


Jheeez, keep it coming with the liveries! Great work and looks really yellow I love it!


From Laura’s instagram. Looks like there’s no more gray bar where the ATC messages are. :)


Lots of new nice liveries! Would be good to see some British/European additions also!


WOO! The flying banana makes it’s first IF appearance!


Damn you people are really attentive to detail 😉


Just remember what you see now, may not always be in the final release. Not saying that what you are seeing is something new or a bug, but something to keep in mind. 🙂


Well, it would be a shame to miss something. It’s always nice to double
check pictures ;)


Not sure if I should puke at the NKS livery or hug it. I hate it and love it equally. It’s the only livery other than Southwest’s Canyon Blue that makes me scrunch my nose and groan in disgust while simultaneously hoping I get that livery while I’m flying.

Great work FDS on adding some A321 liveries.


Nice. Pretty beneficial for screenshots if you ask me. But the downside is, a black bar gets more attention.


Robert buttering FDS Up so that Frontier A321 gets added 🤤


For all of you complaining about the Spirit livery, there is science behind the yellow on the plane. The color yellow triggers a part of the brain, which makes it think of yellow as ‘cheap’.


It literally is a flying school bus.


I never said it looked nice, I just said there was a reason for the yellow…let’s get back on topic before the mods close this again.


It’s supposed to look like a sketch.


Oh I know, I was comparing being on Spirit to being on a school bus. It’s the same experience, yellow and everything.


Especially the legroom.


Because they’re too cheap to pay for paint. Instead, they just use a giant Sharpie. :)