Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Yes, it was posted by Infinite Flight on Instagram.


Amazing! It’s great to see the newer Spirit livery in the sim!


Bananabus! I can already feel my legs getting cramped


Yass, my new favorite livery.


Looks cool. Don’t think I will be flying it much though, that yellow is a wee too much.


It’s so ugly it actually looks good. Like a bull terrier. Pretty cool.


I wonder if Janice is on that flight…

jk this looks really great! I’ll be flying this for sure


Omg yass! Whohoo amazing! Outstanding! All I need now is the Allegiant Air A320 and i think I will die!


I feel like it’d be better if the text was moved forward, instead of right in the middle.


Well it’s not too bad but not too good.


@AllegiantAir Let’s not “request” liveries ;)


Lately, FDS has been knocking out all the most wanted liveries from the feature category! I’m liking these movements. :)


Not complaining at all but why so many A321 new liveries… What about the A319/20?


It all depends on what they feel on adding :)


Maybe that’s the only livery I am not excited about…


There’s currently only 1 American Airline on the A321. Since the majority of the forums are American, they’re catering to what the majority wants


The Spirit A321 had 6 votes I think plz no hurt so it wasn’t a top one.


At last the yellow highlighter is here.


Going to do flights from FLL, where Spirit is based at (I think) with the A321. Looks awesome btw :)


Now that is one hideous plane! I’m glad that FDS added it though seeing as it had quite a lot of support.