Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


I know sorry.
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@HighRisePilot Picture has already been shared. Please look a few posts prior.


I agree, it will be awesome to give these regional jets some attention from other pilots in Infinite Flight. Awesome job, FDS!


That’s a pretty cool looking livery. The tail has a quite interesting design. I wonder how the IF livery will look on one of these CRJ’s.


I didn’t find it in #features.


Ok. Maybe I’ll get a friend of mine to paint it on. My mistake. Lol


The livery I, and many of you, have been waiting for!

Delta Connection CRJ-700 Confirmed! :)

Note: Looks like we’ll have animated doors (cargo and passenger) available for this aircraft series too!


Check out this one :) 👇


Cargo doors and passenger doors. 😍 I like, I like…


Actually, this is not from just a few weeks development (I wish it would! :-) ) The CRJ rework started slowly last summer.


The wait and see what’s coming with this plane must be the doors. Finally working doors on a plane maybe this could be implemented on all aircraft.


Just a reminder, please only post in this thread if you have any updates on the development of the CRJ rework. Thanks!


What’s up with the cockpit there? It looks kinda weird.


I don’t think they have done the cockpit yet


Hey everyone!

I realize that we are all pretty happy to see some pictures about the update. But we need to keep this a controlled environment. Meaning

  1. No off topic commenting

  2. Only reply if there is an update about the plane or a picture- but don’t overload the thread with replies.

  3. NO SPECULATION! This is a tracking thread not a guess and check thread.

  4. No feature requests. You can make your own request in #features

  5. Be patient. The update will be here when the Devs believe they have done everything to perfect it.

  6. Do NOT ask for the A350. It has been clearly stated it will not be coming any time soon.

Thanks all and enjoy!


That is the beginning of the end for for this topic, if making it already wasn’t. If anyone does read that, it will be buried in heaps of off-topic comments. The moment you have to tell someone to not be off topic, it’s over. Couldn’t even make it two hours.


Someone might want to add this to confirmed features.


Another flick of the beautiful Delta CRJ-700! (the shadow looks like an A320 😂)


This new aircraft series will definitely be a game changer! Just amazing to see all the variety of aircraft now at the many airports in the simulator.

Cannot wait to see more teasers and most importantly, the release!! :)


Don’t be alarmed… From time to time the thread will be cleansed of off topic comments and discussions.