Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Only thing we know is it will take as long as FDS needs to fix any problems that might have slipped through the cracks


Not true. Alpha started in February (or was it January?). Beta several months later… something like August.

Anyway, move on now people.


Can someone add the Tunisair to the confirmed liveries list?


I just did, have a good day


Can someone also add “-200” To the JetBlue A321 as it’s messing me up 😂


Does anyone believe that they will be adding the CRJ-200 with the United Express, American Eagle, Delta Connection, US Airways Express variants? I am aware of the variants that are confirmed as stated on this forum, but as to the others, I cannot believe they would leave the CRJ-200 with only 2 variants and just focus on the 700, 900, 1000. Thoughts?


They are not going to show all liveries. You’ll see them once the update comes out.


are there possibly more variants than what is confirmed on this forum?


No this is where everything will be posted. you can search but the chance is very slim you will find anything else


Possibly yeah, but if you don’t see it up there than it’s not confirmed.


All four variants are confirmed already, if i’m not mistaken


Folks. Read the initial post on this thread… and then ask questions if its not already answered. The information is provided.

“Just eat the information and absorb it rather than others having to feed you what is already known.” -Deer


Will the crj-200 still be free?


We don’t know, we’ll find out when they release the update or when they tell us


No information has been disclosed on the pricing of the aircraft or if there will be a price. You will find out more when a staff member makes a post under #announcements at a later date.


Would ATIS be on all servers or just expert


@Ishan_Sharma That is not decided yet.



Will someone be manually typing ATIS or will an algorithm be generating it?


Multiple screenshots show that it will be a manned frequency. And if it isn’t, why would they limit it to Expert server only?