Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


These are some of the destinations that My Air had flown before ceasing operations from their base, Bergamo. Looking forward to flying some of these routes!


The new MyAir CRJ-1000 looks cool! That sad part is that they ordered 15 Of then but it got cancelled after they Ceased Operations :( They Never had a CRJ-1000 but they did have 3 A320’s and 4 CRJ-700’s!


Registration for the MyAir is EP-JRK


Nope, it’s EI-JRN ;-)


Gee, I wonder who chose that 🤔


Oh sorry I just zoomed in on the picture. It was blurry so I took a risk. :)


Confirmed via the Infinite Flight Instagram Story. We’re getting closer and closer to the update!


At first glance I thought it was a generic livery lol. Great Job FDS!


Are we sure that it’s a -900? Or is that a -700?


It’s a -900 because it has 2 emergency exits on each side.


The 900, its got two over wing emergency exits.


Tunisair operate the CRJ 900 so I would say it’s a -900


It’s a CRJ-900. The CRJ-1000 has 16 windows on each side in front of the over-wing exits, whereas the CRJ-900 has 14.


Mark is getting sneaky in the way he drops new hints!


They are in beta testing right now. So I’d guess another 4-6 weeks.


Ok do you know how far into beta testing they are


No speculation remember.



There’s no point in even trying to guess how long.
Sometimes we need to Beta test for weeks, sometimes months… Nobody in here have any idea how long this round will take.


Very true, Global started beta in April last year, and was released 6 months later.


Ok. I was just wondering