Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


All Im saying is that all the US Legacy Carriers need to be represented on each model. Their regional subsidiaries are the largest operators of all models in this family and leaving any one of them out would be a huge miss to the airlines that actually made this aircraft family profitable.

To put these numbers of the CRJ200 in perspective

“In July 2016, 563 CRJ100/200 were in airline service : 442 in America, 66 in Europe, 30 in Africa and 22 in Asia Pacific & Middle East”


Can’t wait for this to happen. The CRJ is a major player in aviation and it is in desperate need of a facelift in IF. It’s going to be so much fun using it!
This is also very nice for those using IF who don’t live near a larger airport, and their local airport is only served by CRJ’s, so they can realistically fly to/from their local airport!


Cmon guys- we haven’t even gotten any substancial pictures or information besides the fact that they are beginning to work on this. The last tracking thread had a ratio of off topic to on topic comments that seemed to be 100:1. Let’s stop commenting off topic things and just wait until there is something that will be worth talking about :)


@Chief305 I fully support your comment. These threads are just a breeding grounds for folks to go out of control on the comments. We can track the pictures that are shared on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). The MD11/DC10 thread was a bit of a disaster at times.

We’re now 35 comments into this thread and so far nothing… Probably a bit early for a thread to even be created. Off to a great start! #HungryForLikes


And you are just adding to it 🤷


I check all forms of social media every hour and still no teaser.
Does that sound weird?


Good things come to those who wait ;)…

Bombardier CRJ family discussion

The first confirmed CRJ livery! The Nordica CRJ-700!

CAPTION: “…Wait until you see what’s coming with this plane!”

I wonder what new feature they’ve added… oh boy I can’t wait.


It’s awesome to see the new aircraft coming up already 😍


I honestly don’t know how they do it. These people are dedicated. They just released global, then the MD-11, and now they’re working on the CRJ! I would not be able to do it without at least a 3 month break. At least we know they chose the right people to make the sim :)

The CRJ is beautiful!


I think they will add moving cockpit screens


Nordica livery looks awesome, same goes to CRJ. I can’t wait to see more interesting liveries in the CRJ Family


Let’s not start the speculation. :)


Well, it’s not just one dude furiously key bashing… There are at least a few people working on the project…
Also, please, no speculation. Let’s just have facts this time please…


OMG! That looks beautiful !!!


The new feature must be something amazing.


IF posted a picture on their instagaram with a sneak peak of a CRJ.


Beautiful aircraft and beautiful livery, I can’t wait! This will be one of my favorite updates ever:-D

Fantastic work in just the first few weeks of development, FDS!


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This is not a place to request Livery’s or any feature, this is simply a tracking thread. If you would like to have a livery added feel free to make a feature request in #features
Thanks for your understanding.

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