Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Nobody knows exactly what will be included with an update until you see the release notes in the app store.

All we are doing in this thread is confirming features / liveriest / etc.


Iberia CRJ-1000 confirmed! We got the 1000 variant! 😄😄😄


That’s amazing!
Can’t wait to see this beauty in IF!
Did anyone catch the registration?


Glad to see we are getting all of the major variants!
All that is left is the Challenger private jet series :P


Something with a C at the end!


I’m no developer but judging by the amount of detail on these 4k liveries and how details like oil and grease stains are present I think it is a lot of work. Probably hours or even days on some of the harder liveries.


The registration is maybe EC-MLC.



I just read the comments. Look what I found! ;)


That’s so cool! Another variant is great! Good eye!


Also confirmed: the new Air Canada livery


I’m sure Chris made this clear and unfortunately it needs to be repeated every hour. The off topic conversations not related to a livery or specific feature update needs to be refrained. Posts will be deleted if they are not relevant.

Before posting a picture, please double check to make sure that someone hasn’t already posted the same photo you’re about to post. 1 photo of the confirmed feature is more than enough. Please help us out… please?


So…Is anybody planning on adding the Iberia regional CRJ-1000 to the post?


Give them some time, they will eventually. :)


The new livery has been added to the thread!


I haven’t spoken on this thread yet. All of the liveries are very nice. Nice to know many liveries are coming to the CRJ. Like many people said it will be nice to fly these around. And I will be able to recreate a lot of flights I have been on in real life. Hope the best with this update and keep working devs and then take a break.


Is ATIS going to be controlled by AI or will it be a station someone can man if you will? (AI meaning computer)


Based on my knowledge of this photo, it looks like ATIS will be a manned frequency.



I see so to my understanding controllers can basically create a guide using the ATIS to inform aircraft on the basic pattern work the airport is using I see that as a great function if used as such.


Isn’t air canada livery confirmed?


Does anyone know if ATIS will be available to be controlled on the Training Server? Or just IFATC? Would be great for the TSATC team.