Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Hmm.🤔 “we we’ll talk about details and update schedule soon” probably the most interesting part.


Sounds like we have a long time to wait


The last update wasn’t a long time ago. I think waiting will be worth it, as always. The pictures are looking great. FDS is doing a terrific job here


Couldn’t agree more! You have to wait for good things to come.(Even if you don’t really want to)



Please refer to the FAQ before you post. Posts that are clearly answered in the FAQ have been showing up recently. This is to prevent random conversations happening in a tracking thread. Thank you!


Is there an confermed livery topic Separately from this topic?


No. And there’s no need for one. Move on.


Why are you even talking about this is my question… this was a while ago… on topic comments only… what do we not get???


No we are not playing the guessing game to an already confirmed livery from 16 days ago.


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This is not the place to request liveries
Please see this:

Hope this helps!


American Eagle CRJ-700 confirmed!!😍
Source: Laura’s Instagram


You beat me by one minute:( All the same, AMERICAN EAGLE!


Yay, i love american eagle!!


Beautiful livery for the CRJ-700!


yay - good news for AAVA :)


Finally! She’s so beautiful. 😍


@Chris_Hoover your bird has arrived :)


Yes!! This will be a huge addition to the AEVA :)


Indeed!!! Just ordered one for the fleet, expecting a delivery in a few months ;)