Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


CRJ Rework Update Tracking Thread

This is not a place to request a livery, please create a separate topic in the Features Category! Livery request posts will be flagged as off-topic.

This thread has been changed to include the CRJ and other CONFIRMED features for upcoming releases. This thread is not to show random pictures from Live Flight, speculate on timelines/release dates, or other pointless posts.

Please follow the format for confirmed liveries/variants!

Confirmed Variants:





Confirmed Additional Features:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the CRJ-XXXX included?

If you don’t see it above, it has not been confirmed. Please do not post a question below asking about it.

Does the CRJ-XXXX have autoland?

If the CRJ-XXXX has autoland in real life, yes. Else you have to slam those landings with your skills.

Why did my reply get deleted?

It was off topic, silly, unnecessary, rude, or annoying. Make sure to read the post linked below.

Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)

It sure would be nice for the CRJ to have <insert random feature here>

It sure would. First, search in the #features category to make sure it has not been asked already. If so, vote for it and be happy. If not, you are welcome to create a well thought out and detailed #features request for it. The point is, do not ask about it in this thread.

Can we see the new liveries in the simulator yet?

No. Since we do not have the update, all CRJ testers will look like they are using the current model, and not the new one.

Will the other aircraft that were announced (other then the CRJ) ever be released?

Maybe! Maybe Not!

When will it be released? / I saw on Instagram that the date lines up with the CRJ birthday / etc.

It will be released when it gets released. Speculation will lead to the post being deleted.

The shadow on the pictures looks off.

Yes we know. These are the early stages. The model is still in development.

Will XXXX livery be included?

If it isn’t above on the list, we don’t know yet. Head over to #features and if there is a request, go ahead and vote! If not, make your own request once you are a TL2 Member

The release notes in the updated app in the app store will list all features included in that update.


The official previews will be posted on the following social platforms -
imageInfinite Flight - Community
imageInfinite Flight - Facebook
imageInfinite Flight - Instagram
imageInfinite Flight - Twitter
image Infinite Flight - YouTube

imageLaura Laban - Instagram
image Laura Laban - Twitter
image Laura Laban - YouTube

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My challenge: Try to be faster than @Nathan when posting a new livery.


A little quick there, eh Jack? Personally, I would wait until we actually have a confirmed livery preview/teaser prior to creating the tracking thread. That’s how the other tracking threads started anyways.

Just my two cents. ✌️

Cannot wait to see pictures of this beautiful plane, nonetheless. :)


Okay, no need to post useless posts unless something valuable comes up.

Thank you.


Hurray for Seb all hail the King!


My sister works on the embraers so I always get them mixed up haha!


What we have learned so far about the CRJ update:

  • FDS doesn’t take breaks

To be honest, seems a bit early :), although I am sure this thread will be awesome given a month or two. I am honestly really looking forward to the CRJ. There are currently not many options for regional jet flights, and I hope this fills that gap!


Can we just all calm down about this, for all we know we could get first photos by this week. Just relax and let this topic stay, no point in deleting this one and making another one in 1-2 weeks


Hi Guys!

Just a bit of a reminder, can we please not make this Tracking Thread like this one please? The last one was filled with more off topic comments than actual livery tracking which is the whole point of this thread correct? For everyone’s sake let’s limit the amount of posts we make that have little to no substance and dont contribute to the original purpose of this thread ;).



Oh yes! I’ll go make a tracking thread on that while I’m at it! Lol.


KASE and KEGE only operate CRJs… This has to be it. I’m honestly so excited for this aircraft, way more than the MD-11. It’s always amazing to see an old aircraft get a facelift. Not to mention, this regional jet is very popular and flies so differently from any other aircraft we have in the sim.



Yippee!! I’m so glad that you found this on Liveflight!


We’ve had the MD-11 for just about a week now and they’re already working on a new aircraft. These people don’t quit! I like it!


This is a tracking thread… not a spotting one. 🙃


Almost thought that was something Laura posted. Jeez.


I know right I got excited for nothing



gonna get some hours in with the old one now :)


I wonder what Laura was testing up there over the Rocky Mountains in that CRJ? Or even better, what livery and variant😉


Outstanding… can’t wait for this one!


lets do this one guys!!!