Update is out!


Still cant fly! Hope that i can fly tonight before sleeping


@brasil428 @Mathottoman She and the team are working on it as best they can. Hopefully it will get noticeably better over the coming hours. The best things to do now is remain patient :)


I also… I want to fly before sleeping


Not a problem for me ! Thanks


I am so in love with this feature! (Don’t ask why 😂)


Descending into London! ;)


Somehow I Can only spawn on Schiphol airport


Guys, let’s avoid posting pictures of global being installed on your device. It’s simply making it harder for users to find information when the topic is full of irrelevant pictures. Let’s keep the unproductive chatter to a minimum.



I know you were asking Neo, but I can assist. Not all of the aircraft that are flying on a given server will be shown on the map. Not sure what the radius is for aircraft to appear on your map, but its within 100nm. Anything further than that will be pushing it. You’ll only see 4 - 5 aircraft because people can now spread out. Its not going to be like the past where you can see the entire server population because everyone was in a confined area. Hope that makes sense.

Only airplanes near me show up on map
Live problems

Your answer is much appreciated! Thanks ;-)


I can’t get my to load. I haven’t been able to fly yet because of the server problem


The issue has been recognized and is being worked on.


Sir I can’t connect to. A server all thé server are complète?


Yea but everyone is being asked they could help them out by shutting down IF


It’s amazing how many people can’t read, but can type. If only they would apply the same effort in reading as they did in typing everybody would understand what is going on


I’m loving it FDS excellent job. I had no words when I spawned it at Zurich 😱


Absolutely stunning, however as the global servers are down as I’m in flight when I auto-reconnect will scenery be present when I fly back to land? And will have to restart my game to get the global server back?


I can’t even do a flight in solo


Sincere apologies! will post the pic when Im at my destination :)