Update is out!


For now, yes, just iOS


You just ask in here they will get to you


Thank you. Sorry again.


Yes it’s only for iOS


Has anyone else been on the loading screen for over two hours…or is it just me.
I understand it takes long but not two hours


There are issues that are being worked on. Thanks!


I am feeling hopeless because I can’t fly global since I am 16 bit iPad


@NEO May I ask you something ? I’m lucky enough to fly in Global RN the thing is that on the map I can see only 4-5 aircrafts in the world. But on LiveFlight there are >100 flights or even more !

Is it a glitch or it’s normal ?


They is a limit of how many planes you can see on the map i think its like a 400km distance that you can see planes from if you could see them all it would crash the app.


Servors still lagging?


Same here but with 32 ahaha


Is the old live+ subscription covered under global until the subscription expires because it appears so?


I have problem with my engine number 2, must change to idle only and returning to base. :-(


Wow, wow, wow… I am still in disbelief of how far IF has come and still can’t belie my eyes looking at these pictures.

Look at that, it’s time like now that I really feel proud to be a part of this amazing community behind IF


yes it is. at least it was mentioned



Why wouldn’t pro be included in our subscription?


no i have android…


I have tried several time to load a flight. I understand you all at having issues. I’ve sat for an hour no success on live or solo. Furthest I get is the load screen and I could here what sounds like an engine tuning but that’s it. FYI. Thank you all for your efforts


@PanchoAir Cool pic but please post here;

The Infinite Flight Photo Gallery | Best IF Photos

If you had a previous active subscription it will be converted to Pro. All new subs from this point are pro.