Update is out!


Quick question, since I play on my phone, will receiving a phone call or accidently exiting the app end the flight?


It is not useless, your Live + subscription is automatically upgraded to the Infinite Flight Pro Subcription. Price wise it is very beneficial, and it is actually a thank you guesture from the devs.


That is such a good idea!


Is it just me or is the live/live+ subscription not turning into infinite flight pro subscriptions just yet?


Will get this fixed.

//Airport editor


I am sorry i kinda lost my patience everyone asking the same question not being able to calm down and read makes me mad


Thanks for the quick reply


I’ll have a look at it. Next time, please create a #support topic :)


My own Global on Android, please check on training server on LiveFlight. :-)


How the hell can you fly that in android


How are you flying out of the Region? Normally you’re not supposed to fly out of the Region in the old version.


You see, that you can. Now heading to Europe, will be very long flight.


Any progress on the Servers @moderators?
I’m just asking, take your time and just fix it :)


Never tag moderators or staff.


Okay. How is my message going to reach them then?


I can’t see anything what’s happening ?


I’m having the same thing, says i don’t have access to global and stuck on live+


Please read the Banner topic :D
That is the text you see that is pinned across the forum by Laura :)


You can tag moderators, only for good reasons though.


Sorry if I’m slow at understanding, but it’s only for iOS now, isn’t it?