Update is out!


Finally! Its here! Great job guys!! :D


I was asking if there were any plans for it to be added :)


Correct, and that’s not the place for it. Moving on! :)


Now all I have to wait is for it to be on google play store. Good job Infinite flight community

Keep it up :3


I’ve got the old version and nothings working, not even solo so this update is affecting those who don’t have it also? This has never happens to me before and I usually do a flight very day… You know what they say: a flight a day keeps the FAA away


Because you were most likely not connected to the global server, the airport pavements and markings likely didn’t render in. Not a glitch but rather a lack of communication between you and the server. Most likely due to work being done on the servers at the moment.


If you think Europe is booming go look at Japan on Training


Laura make your job faster !!!
Im ready to fly LONG LONG FLIGHT !!!
Thank you so much =*


It’s not all me, we’re waiting on a planet server to load…

And I’m going through some server/sub issues on my end.


Laura, you are gonna need a masseuse and some Starbucks after this


I like how the liveflight map looks kind of like the flightradar now :D


That’s awesome. I new Apple had graphs like that, however it’s cool that you can view that CDN, and now we can see what kind of demand you are seeing right now. I’m sure there are some pretty cool data sheets for you guys in there!

Thanks for showing that to us @philippe.



So if I’m not connected to global server I won’t get airports? That actually would make sense.


I have an idea. While waiting why not research flight plans? That is what I am doing.


I’m getting my VA global plans done and well I should be doing my classroom stuff but I’m also doing global stuff for FVA.


I downloaded the aircrafts and @GuitartIvo helped me out with some planning. Weather charts, fpl stuff, etc.


Thank You FDS soooo much for all your hard work!!!


Seriously?! The graphics are already insanely good!


Thank you FDS. Never would I ever think I would be waking up at 3am for anything other than the Apple Keynotes. I am so excited!


My live + is useless now? I need two subscriptions?!?