Update is out!


This says all you need to know. They are working on it.


iPad 4 is unfortunately not supported


I will be sleeping after 2 hours :(


It looks like the iPad 4 is no longer supported.


How do you know iPad 4 doesn’t supported. They say iOS 10.3.3 or later can be supported



Here is a list of all supported devices


Because it is 32 bit, not 64


What device do you have?


Just wait and see they do my friend :(


Ok i can’t wait anymore!


You need a 64 bit device to run global, the iPad 4 is only 32 bit so I am afraid it is not supported


I’ve been stuck on the load page for 37min now. Still hasn’t let me start a flight.


Please disconnect from if and turn back in 2 hours like everyone


If it takes more than 10 minutes theres no use in staying on the page and filling up the servers even more. Just come back to it in an hour or two.


Nooooo. I am trying to fly from hongkong to Guangzhou and Now, I can


I’m also not sure if this is because the servers are really overloaded, but I just did KBOS to KDTW and when I got to Detroit, everything was a complete blur. The airport didn’t even load and I couldn’t land :(.


Yeah same. I wanna try the new stuff =(


Europe is booming 😂


For some reason my post was flagged :/


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