Update is out!


I just preformed a repositioning flight and halfway through I first lost global connection, then I found out COS airport wasn’t there lol.
My aircraft also glitch into the ground, it went from 2.5k feet to 30k feet and back down in under a second.
So to anyone wondering, Global is still being worked on and just relax. I wasn’t able to complete my flight as it glitched out. But I have a fellow FFT pilot cursing above COS on his way to IAH so I’ll get some more info from him.


Downloading now hooooraaaayyyy


About 5-6 minutes. Just Did a quick takeoff and land though nothing special


30 minutes waiting for the sim to load. I mean as a player who paid for the app…🤔


Now that I think Android will not have problems …


Good one. A lag that is similar posted hahaha


When did you do it? As soon as it was released?


Everyone paid for the app, demand is very high now, be patient.


I got lucky about 5 mins after my download. Must have been one of the first installations


Ok thanks for the info!


Love it the update is great 100%


No, me too… 😐☹️☹️😢


Let’s all settle down for a while, let the server do its job.


Guys, I am lucky too. I will be playing at 8PM EDT with Laura


In the past people complained about the release of Global and now complaining about the servers … Children’s stop it


Do I have to be a 16 bit iPad to update IF? It’s an iPad 4


When will the servers be fixed? I wanna play


Thank u so much, for all the hard work u guys and gales put into this game


nice landing :)) haha


Like everyone, you’ve waited 2 years let’s wait 2 more hours