Update is out!


For those having loading issues, it may be advisable to read this -


Bit unfair but… Hey ho. That’s the way the world goes. I’m sure the developers are trying their hardest to fix it…


Kudos to the developers. I’m tempted to leave work early just to play on it but that would of course be irresponsible and immature…

I was scared that the update file size would be fairly hefty, keeping it down to 150Mb is very impressive indeed.


Looking forward to this update is done, We users who have android ,how long does this update take place before we can fly globally?
I live in Norway and we have about 45 airports here, big and small where oslo is the biggest,
are all these airports on this update?

I experience the flight that when I land the plaine it started to shake, is this normal?

I’m looking forward to flying smoothly, it’s quite easy and fly this game.

Yours sincerely, Anders Dale 😊


I recommend you check scenery of arriving airport first otherwise you might do you flight and not have a place to land


The scenery wayyy better (if thats over Germany/EU) than the one in your picture, it is so because low terrain graphics are sent when servers are busy :)


now Android knows how annoying it is when the other Device can Update earlier 😜


If the airport has an ICAO code, it will be in Global


I have 2.7GB left on iPad Pro. how much is needed for global scenery ?


I lost all my bought planes, so yes it’s possible.


Restore your purchases and download again:)


If I recall correctly, the scenery is streamed so it doesnt take up space. The planes themselves take up space.


If that is the case something will be done to get them back to you, don’t worry. The servers need time.


tried 5 times doesn’t work. I lost them

€50 lost




It’s not lost… we’ll solve the issues…


Thanks and congratulations with the update


That’s not even maximum settings is it?


(norwegian to make it more understandable, english version below)

Alle flyplasser som har en ICAO-kode er med. Til og med små flyplasser som Jarlsberg (ENJB) og Longyearbyen (ENSB). Alle store flyplasser har også manuelt blitt endret ift. taksebaner og slikt.


All airports that have an ICAO code is included. Even small ones like Jarlsberg (ENJB) and Longyearbyen (ENSB). All major airports have also been manually edited to include taxiways and such.


It surely won’t take less time when you keep asking and tagging the developers!