Update is out!


Can you just wait? Dont download anything. Just wait for the developers to solve this problems


This is like torture at the moment


I dont mind the wait. And completely understand on the terrain server, everything in life comes with its issues. Commend you guys for the speedy work and move to fixing the issue…


Well, you wanted global “NOW NOW NOW PLEASE NOW RELEASE” … :)


Just done my first test flight! Amazing progress guys, like a complete different Sim!

Well done again FDS!


Quit the game so theycan work on the server problem


How long did it take for you to enter the game?


Welcome to GLOBAL ahahahhaha


Everyone quit the game


Ahahahahah we will get through this man ahaha


How do I get parking spots in solo mode
I have the airport but can’t select parking
And is the game supposed to take 3-4 min loading time when starting a flight


Stuck In loading for more than 1 hour, should I quit?


I did thought it would be paid, but I didn’t that I would lose the planes and locations after my subscription ran out


I my game dont start when i click go, is only downloading


Can’t wait to the Android update!!!


Our server are being overloaded. We are adding more servers but it will take a few hours before they are up and running.

Global won’t load

What? So i lost all the planes that ive bought?


One Issue, While on final approach EDDT, There’S no runway and no taxiways …


Could be a streaming issue with global servers being bogged down? Not too sure…


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