Update is out!


Awesome the update came out.

A year ago I bought one year to play online and get all the aircrafts and locations, liked onlone and loved the planes. I thought I would only lose my online subscription not all the planes and locations. And I’m very upset about this.

Also you have to pay for a subscription (which became more expensive) to fly over the world.

So I am hapy because of the update but I hate that you have to pay money to get it. Very disappointed :(


Is the update out for Android or is it only for Apple?


They are working on it


Is the update out for Android or is it only for Apple?


I am wondering if with the numerous amount of downloads of infinite flight, if it would have been feasible to start with enough servers to accommodate all and trickle down as needed after.


Unfortunately no, we need a few days to ensure everything runs smoothly on the server side first. Thank you for your patience.


Only for Apple Android will be out in a few days


I know right I guess we just have ( wait ) like we haven’t done enough of that already


I’ve been trying to get on for so long now. After 1 minute, I start to hear the planes engines, but the loading screen still persists…


It’s hard to know exactly how things are going to scale, we knew more or less what the API server would have to deal with, but the terrain server is new, so we’re learning as we go :)

We’ll figure this out, just wait until the instances spin and we’ll be good!


delete infinite flight than download it back


Keep us prisoners a little longer 😂😂


Apple only right now


How can you be dissapointed? You thought that the update was going to be free. I dont know how could you thought that


It’s fixed now, no?



Yes, but quite frankly we were not expecting that many downloads with the staged rollout; I assume many downloaded it manually.

Things should get better through the day.


Sure laura. Take your time


Please no more question about android; this has been responded many times already.


Still can’t download the update with the app Store…


Bwhahahahahah I know right 😂😂😂😂