Update is out!


Even though I do not have Global, THANKS SO MUCH FDS!!! Your hard work payed off and you have given us so much it’s time we give back with a PRO sub!!


I logged out to see what the regions would look like. You still have the globe, but you also have the green boxes with the airports in them. Interesting…


You missed an easy pun there. It was in plane sight.


Btw will andriod regular live servers be closed for matenience till global releases?


10 minutes for wait… Not working. Right


Can’t wait to get home and fly from Eidw-Lhr


Doubtful, it’s probably a side effect of them firing up all the new servers for Global


Will all iOS users get the update are today?


It is out but it is clearly not running :) we are having server issues (as expected) and are working towards solving them; once the experience is good on iOS we will start rolling out Android.


Just reopened. Sorry about that.


Yea it’s out I just downloaded the update for IF


The update won’t show up for me


Laura thank you so much for everything you ve done you and your team. Im really happy with the update, THANK YOU!




All of us android users need the update ! When will we all get it ?


People quit infinite flight until the servers problem are solved pleasw


I honestly can’t wait to go home and fly


Please read through the topic


Philippe will that be today by any chance?


A shame that android users like me don’t even have access to the old servers but IOS is flying global WOW