Update is out!


Fellow pilots,

The update is finally out, check out last post for information on the release process:

Support category is here for you in case you have any issues:

Make sure you check in the App Store, and post pretty pictures and all social media :)

If you’re looking for flight ideas, please check Tyler’s post:

Finally, reviews always help!

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In-Flight Assistant 1.04 (iOS): Take IF realism to the next level!
In-Flight Assistant v1.0 (Android): Take IF realism to the next level!

Congratulations! The years of hard work will finally start paying off :)


Congrats laura! great job


Thank you so much for all the work!


Still no word on android


A 5 star review coming your way!



Congratulations to FDS! Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work! :)

Here’s to global! 🍻


THANK YOU! We have waited for it two years and all the hard work will finally pay off!


Congratulations to the whole team on this huge accomplishment! You guys are awesome! :)


We’ve already stated it will seamlessly roll out following iOS as long as there are no issues. 🙂


Thanks so much FDS staff for all the hard work!


Wahoo Great Job FDS I’m so happy I’m Crying! YAY


Awesome Thank you Laura and the entire IF team !!!


Amazing pics over here while you guys wait for the download :)



Congratulations for the release! Finally it’s worth after a long wait for the release! Enjoy Global and don’t forget to share pictures with us, Android users


Congrats and thank you to the full FDS team! Can’t wait until it’s on Android too :)


Thank you for this amazing job, we all appreciate the time and effort you and the team have put into this thank you so very much!


Downloading as i type this!


Finally! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for this sim, I am absolutely ecstatic. This will surely propel our beloved sim to new heights :)