United Virtual | Spring Equinox Event @ KORD - 202200ZMAR17



Wow, what a great photo!


I'm on approach to KMKE.


Whats the final destination??


The final destination of this flight is supposed to be KMKE (General Mitchell International) as shown above in the image of the flight plan...


But all are diverting to KDBQ


Yeah, that is a mistake xD


Ohh whats your call sign


Currently, I'm not flying... I'm observing everyone's flight using a tracker application called LiveFlight.


Ohh awesome ✈️ I'm flying in a b787-10


Nice turnout man! Glad to see the United love :)


Yep, same with me :)


That was a fun event, even though I couldn't finish do to tablet problems :\

I want to thank @NetJets_Nick for controlling, that couldn't have been easy πŸ˜‚.


On Behalf Of United Virtual...


Yeah, it must have been reasonably difficult xD




To be honest I forgot your guys' event was happening. I saw that Chicago was busy so I hopped on and was shocked by how many planes were at the same terminal. After I saw they were all United planes, I realized what was taking place. And that was probably the hardest ATC session I've ever had. :)


Great event, hope see you again.


Thanks a lot for taking the time out of your day to control!


I'm really glad that you liked it and I hope that you can and will attend our next event :)