Unable to log in


One of my friend accidentally logged out of IFC and then when he tried to log back in VIA google won’t work. I don’t know if there’s something to do with his operating system but he’s on IOS12 beta


It would be best if he could post with further details: error messages and such. We need to know more about the problem to resolve it.


It’s like when he clicked on google then it’s automatically direct him back to the IFC homepage without logged in


Go to Google/Gmail and log out there. Then try to log in again with IFC. Worse comes to worse clear cache and cookies.


Well I don’t think it works cause he can’t even get onto the redirected to the google log in site it just redirects it to the IFC page without having the normal like type your email and ur pass


This is a known issue as discourse is only supported on non-beta os versions.


Ok thanks for the support


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