UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


Have you ever thought about an Airbus aircraft that doesn’t start with a 3? Well that might just happen, because there are sources that say that Airbus might scrap the Bombardier branding when the deal closes in late may. The CS100 and CS300 would be replaced the A210 and A230, respectively.
What do you all think?

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What about the A400M Atlas. 😉
You should edit that to passenger Airbus aircraft.


Nice job! Some people unfortunately don’t like the stats so they play ignorant. Glad someone is using factual evidence!


Deal to close this quarter (2Q)


Bombardier and Airbus have announced that their deal will close on July 1st. No news on what name the CSeries will take.


Some amazing news already for Bombardier, David Neeleman has secured orders for 60 CSeries for his new LCC, Moxy Airways. Deliveries expected around 2020.

Here’s some more info:


I have to say this new airline is absolutely incredible looking! I really really really hope they service Denver. I want to see them here :)


I want to see them everywhere haha


From the looks of it they will service small airports… But KDEN might be a hub we will have to see.


Maybe they’ll service COS??? Here’s to hoping lol


Just wanted to tell everyone here on the community to go check the best page on the Airbus website:


This is the worst thing that ever happened to my Country’s aircraft manufacturing


Why is that the best page I wanted the C series to stay with bombardier


Trust me it’s better as a partnership, Airbus can get far more orders for that aircraft due to their strong connections than Bombardier could alone plus Airbus have better buyer power allowing Bombardier to use their global supply chain and cut costs.


The Bombardier CSeries is now the Airbus A220!

This is a bittersweet moment.


A220 doesn’t roll off the tongue as good as CSeries. 😒
I preffered it as CSeries.


Although that A220 looks really good in the Airbus House livery.


Actually it rolled off better. I don’t say it as Airbus A 2 2 0 as in two two zero I say it as in Airbus A220 or two twenty. It rolled off a lot better than Bombardier CS100.


Apparently Jeblue ordered 60 A220-300S, deliveries begin in 2020


You’re not the only one