UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


More like Booeing! That’s more fitting 😂


Alright soz @Maxmustang but nope it’s airbus time!!!


Karma is a bitch boeing it will all come back around to you


Ahahaha so true.

I would have said this in the early 2000s, sorry Max. Airbus is slowly edging ahead in this race.


Couldn’t put it better @Captain_Ed!!


Do you realize that Airbus is almost half as young and Boeing and THRIVING!!! Anyways we all have our opinions, I think they are both amazing in the aviation industry however Airbus is winning the game as said by @Captain_Ed!


Boeing had its chance…blatantly messed up and lost orders from Delta who is now going with Airbus and Bombardier. Now Boeing has to resort to underhand deals and whining to Embrear to get it out of its own mess.
I do think aircraft like the B788 and the B739ER are really beautiful aircraft but at the end of the day, Boeing just isn’t worth it.

Boeing was king of the aviation industry for a long time. Now Airbus is having its chance. If it ain’t Airbus, it ain’t for us.


I’d love for this to happen! Good news for Delta and Boeing’s relationship


Interesting…most…interesting. Personally i pray this doesn’t happen and that they go more for the A350 but who knows.


The 797 wouldn’t be an ultra long range like the A350.
It would be designed to replace planes like the 757, 767, etc. on long domestic routes and mid-range international flights


Nah the A321LR can handle the B757. I’m more worried about Delta going for longer hauls. I trust Delta to make the choice that benefits them the most lol even if it means siding with Boeing on some matters. I’m just glad to see Delta working with Airbus and Bombardier. Big step for Airbus :D


Yea, for longer hauls they’re likely going to use the A350, replacing their all gone 747’s.
Pretty soon they’re going to need replacements for their 767’s, which make up a good chunk of their mid-range international routes (JFK-LHR, etc.) and they’re probably going to want a plane with more seats than an A321LR for those popular routes.


Only time and demand will tell.


Interesting news out of Chicago. It looks like Boeing has reviewed the documentation and decided that either they don’t have a good enough case, or the cost of pursuing this further would be greater than just letting it go.

"US Planes"

I’m sorry but does this sound familiar?
What goes around comes around!


So apparently, Embraer hasn’t had enough, and WTO has ruled against Canada in Brazil’s complaint about subsidies for the CSeries. Here we go again!


This is strongly your opinion and not everyone wants to hear that


@tranquil_skyflyer if you are gonna say things like “Basically, Boeing is jealous of Bombardier for doing better with the CSeries than their own 737 MAX 7, Boeing is being a poor sport and using stupid excuses to pick on Bombardier.” Have proof. If you don’t have proof please dont post inflammatory comments like that here. Boeing filed the filings because they believed Canada was giving subsidies to Bombardier who was struggling (until Airbus bought them) financially with the CS program. These subsidies would allow Bombardier to sell the planes under market value and make money still which is an unfair business practice. Whether this is true or not? who knows. But please don’t say Boeing was jealous. If anyone is jealous it would be Embraer.


This case should not have existed in the first place. Boeing had little to no grounds to show that Boeing and Bombardier were competing in the same market in the first place.

There’s also a lot of important details that are being glossed over when Boeing says that “Bombardier has been recieving subsidies by Canada”. As mentioned multiple times in this thread, what Bombardier recieved are loans, not subsidies. Not to shift the attention, but I’m pretty sure Boeing (and Airbus) recieves its own share of unfair subsidies.

It would have made sense if the case was started independently by Embraer. But obviously, that’s not what happened.


Bombardier CS300: 249 orders - 130 (12 business + 118 economy) to 160 (1-class) passengers
Boeing 737MAX-7: 58 orders - 138 (8 business + 130 economy) to 172 max (1-class) passengers

The stats reveal all