UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


MaxSez: @Danman… Capitalism Dan, Throw those socialist theories in the Loo. Look what it did to the EU and US until we got right again with the money God’s. No matter how you cut it, he who owns the Gold makes the Rules and “if it ain’t Boeing lt aint Going”… Up the Republic & the Rising of the Moon! LOL…


More like buy some 2nd hand FA18’s from Australia in the meanwhile then we’ll buy eurofighters to go against Boeing


@Matthew_Chan. MaxSez: 1st Line Fighters for Canada LOL. Why waste the money, there just a “Trip Wire/Buffer State”. Plus they need to pay there NATO Due’s first. Regards


It’s interesting. My points about corporate debt and the cost of capital is actually a capitalist theory. It’s actually developed at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) in 1953. All companies around the world use this theory to make decisions on whether to borrow money, sell stock, a combination of the both, or none at all. These decisions drives capitalism at its’ very core, without reliable means of determining the cost of capital, then companies will either go bankrupt, or leave money on the table.


Possibly, F35’s, but no one knows. They met with Lockheed Martin during the Paris airshow after Boeing launched their petition. Now the Government is launching a full size competition for the CF-18 replacements. The F18’s from Australia are interim, until 2025 when first deliveries of the new aircraft that wins the contract.


MaxSez: Didn’t know Canada was buying USED Fighter Planes! Thanks for the update @tranquil_skyflyer, nice to see they choose to “Buy American”!


I’m really excited for that contract because 2025 is around the time I’m either done training for the RCAF or done my first year. I honestly think we should take the saab gripen. It’s just as capable as the F-35 besides takeoff and stealth, but then again the gripen does have a small radar cross section. Anyway…


They wanted to buy F35’s because it suits them better. But at the end of the day if they want to support Bombardier they’re kinda stuck with eurofighters


MaxSez: The Plot Thickens… I prefer Portuguese to French/ Gaelic anyway. Remember “If It ain’t Boeing it ain’t Going!”


I don’t think there is a Portuguese aircraft manufacturer. I think you mean the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer…


@nicochile2. MaxSez: I meant Portuguese Nicce, The native Business and Commom language of the country of Brazil 🇧🇷 Regards


So I hear that Bombardier is not being slapped with any tariffs and that they won their case against Boeing! YES! #ISupportAirbus #WelcomeBombardier


But Brazil is Portuguese though! 😛


Okay, for some reason now, Embraer is saying they’re the harmed party, because of “illegal subsidies” given to Bombardier, and that they were able to sell the CSeries “well below cost”.
Note that this entire Boeing - Embraer discussions is really Boeing - Brazilian Government discussions because the gov’t is literally controlling the discussions.

Embraer ‘harmed party’ in Boeing-Bombardier trade dispute: Brazilian jetmaker executive – Reuters


Rolls eyes heavily* cmon Embrear I had something for ya. Don’t twist me like this.


It’s kinda clear at this point that Boeing is calling the shots to disadvantage Bombardier. A 300% tariff idea brought up by Boeing, and when they lost, (I’ll give them credit for this) actually went to find someone in the same market as Bombardier and use them to fight Bombardier again. The best part is that Embraer barely sounded out against Bombardier in the first place.


You want to join the competitive aviation market well good luck.

-All the big aviation giants(Cathay to Hong Kong express and other examples too)

The point is if you want to stay competitive sometimes companies play really dirty


Some news updates:
The ITC has explained why it rejected the tariffs, as expected.
They said: The 737-700/737MAX7 does not compete with the aircraft Delta ordered (CS100).

Second Story:
Delta will receive Canadian made CS100’s this year until production in Alabama starts.


Yup, as said by @JeremyCote Boein, is acting like a baby because bombardier was able to poduce such a beautiful plane… Check out the video at the bottom, it gives a huge insight into the situation tho it’s slightly old.


MaxSez: It’s Boeing with a capital “B” @TheCoolPilot & Jerry, mind your manners,
Remember even in Singapore they realizes he who holds the Gold makes the Rules and if “It ain’t Boeing, it ain’t going Going”!

 Boeing Stat's:  Number of employees‎: ‎147,683 (Feb 23, 2017)‎
                         Headquarters‎: ‎Chicago, Illinois‎, U.S.‎
                         Net income‎: ‎US$8.197 billion (2017)‎