UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


Revenge is a dish best served cold.
But if you haven’t got a cold dish, a 4-0 ruling in your favour will suffice.

This is fantastic news, now let’s see a top up order from Delta to rub salt into the wound.


I shall begin a list of what airlines not to fly


Hahahahaahah andrew I can tell your not happy with Boeing losing


Woohoo! This is great news! 😍


Yes it is 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


I say we can close this topic in relief!


It is also because it falls under the things I hate in the business world

  • Dumping
  • Monopolies


Isn’t America stopping bombardier entering USA market making Boeing a monopoly?


No, However Disney and Virgin are monopolies. If Boeing were to buy Bombardier, Lockheed, McDonnell and Airbus, that would be a monopoly.


I mean allowing competition is stopping monopolies?


Holy cow holy cow! This is what I get for not being on the IFC, I miss things lol. I’m so happy right now as I’m Canadian and really proud of the cs300!!


Soo, does that mean we gonna see a Delta CSerise?


Right, at a price that is consistent in proportion to the UA 737-700 deal. As Boeing had to prove harm, deals at a steep discount (UA deal) poke holes in their argument. Sure, Bombardier gave a steep discount, but so does everyone else in the aircraft industry.

You could argue that the CSeries is the only aircraft in that size segment, creating a monopoly for Bombardier, but then that would immediately invalidate Boeing’s argument of the CSeries hurting the 737-700 because Bombardier are dumping CSeries to stop 737-700 sales.

Your above two accusations cannot hold true without torpedoing Boeing’s main arguments in this case.


Better to include the Regional carriers as they are more likely to ordrr than any of the bigger guys.


Boeing lost this investigation


Regretting not picking up BBD shares a couple days ago.


Singapore Airshow next week! I think we may see some orders…


If we don’t I’ll be pretty surprised. It seems like the deal with Airbus should consolidate the project and give airlines confidence.


MaxSez: “If It ain’t Boeing it ain’t Going”! Read it and weep😂

Boeing releases strong Q4 earnings, upbeat 2018 outlook

Rising commercial aircraft deliveries and service transactions helped Boeing achieve a 39% jump in operating profit in the fourth quarter, rising to $3.03 billion.

Boeing also released an upbeat forecast for this year, predicting a 6-6.8% jump in deliveries, rising from 763 aircraft in 2017 to between 810 and 815 aircraft.

Net earnings also grew year-over-year in the fourth quarter by 92% to $3.13 billion on a 9% increase in revenues.

For the full year, Boeing’s operating profit leaped 76% compared to 2016, rising to $10.3 billion. Net earnings in 2017 grew 67% year-over-year to $8.2 billion on a 1% decline in revenue. Total sales in 2017 amounted to $93.4 billion.

The Boeing Commercial Airplanes division achieved an 8% increase in revenues on a 13% growth in aircraft deliveries during the fourth quarter, finishing with with a $1.78 billion operating profit on a 15% operating margin.

For the full year, BCA significantly improved operating profit, which jumped 172% year-over-year to $5.43 billion. Overall revenues in 2017 declined 2% compared to the year before to $56.7 billion.

Total debt grew in the fourth quarter from $10.8 billion to $11.1 billion. Cash and marketable securing remained stable at $10 billion during the period, Boeing says.


I fail to see why anyone would weep. It’s good to see manufacturers doing solid business and making money. There is nothing like having strong competition and great products from manufacturers.

Did I change your mind about corporate debt? Because Boeing is bearing more debt despite making money. Making money and taking more debt doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.