two red circles


hey guys, i want to ask about the red circles near KDEN


Flight Restrictions!


They are restrictions for heavies heavies can’t enter the airspace ,they have to go over it or fly around


Those red circles are aircraft restrictions. This means you can’t fly there with certain aircraft. (Heavy aircraft)
If you want to learn more about it you can go here TFR's and NOTAMs For Aircraft Restrictions .


Certain high profile airports are prone to users flying huge planes into them. This was the case at KEGE and KASE. There may be one at VNLK but I’m not 100% sure.

Just be aware of the size restriction spawning and landing at those airports and you will be fine.


okay thank you so much


There is one in place at Lukla but it appears and dissapears randomly for some reason. If I’m not mistaken the TFR says something around the words of “aircraft with more than two engines” or something similar to that.


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