Trip Report I Frontier Airlines I KDEN - KSNA


Less experience, but not necessarily less training or skill. But yeah I understand your point.
I already mentioned this, but I think your reviews are really good 😊. Where are you flying next?


I wouldn’t say that…


Past two pilots in a row have been brand new pilots with under a year flying for Frontier.


Probably somewhere along the east coast :)


There are still standards to who gets hired, there’s no “lack of experience” with flying at any major US carrier


Such skillful use of the autopilot


Thanks for sharing another amazing Frontier rewiew with us 😍


You must be one of those Boeing lovers -.- we meet in good faith my friend. If you assume flying autopilot means there is nothing for the pilots to do at all…oh have I got news for you ;)


No problem my amazing friend :)


Wow nice Review. I would have never guessed John Wayne would have commercial traffic. What plane were you on?


was that an a320NEO???


Hahaha,. That’s every Airline’s goal.

Nice pics keep traveling


I’m not assuming anything. Boeing’s also have autopilot. I am aware of the other duties pilot’s undergo while in the air, such as communicating with center. What I am saying is that they are not hand flying at cruising altitude.


I was flying on Frontier’s Airbus A320N :)


Understood, agree to disagree on the importance of pilots inflight and the role of a pilot on an Airbus aircraft :)


I can’t deny I do love being greeted by a cute FA ;)
Thanks for the well wishes. Keep an eye on my channel if you’re interested to see a lot of F9 action and a lot of SNA action.


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