Track other members' flights!


We already have LiveFlight for this?


@Darth_Sidious This is real world flights, not Infinite Flight ones. (hint: Real World Aviation)


So your telling me everyone on this topic owns a commercial airliner?


So Misha apparently owns a real life B767?


Misha is now flying to the unicorn 🦄 world 🌎 !

IMG_5285.PNG750x1334 1.2 MB
As you can see, Misha is apparently a real world British airways pilot and is flying a B767


Lol. He's flying on that aircraft as a passenger. Not a pilot.


Ohhhhh right! Now I get it! I wish someone told me that an hour ago, confusion would not be needed.


It's kinda self explanatory, but ok, you might not have got it


I can’t wait to see @MishaCamp’s reaction !


It's not apparent if it's true 😏


How was the flight ?


Got some amazzinggg pictures


Flew over the alps. Also just got to go into the cockpit and have a chat with the pilots. Didn't know they're retiring the 767s by next November ☹️


I literally try to do this on all my flights…


Works better if you're not a weirdo


I'm flying this Friday!

Airline : United Express operated by Mesa Airlines
Flight Number : 6122
Departure Airport : KCLE
Arrival Airport : KIAD
Departure time (in Zulu) : 14:15
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 15:28
Date : 4/14/17
Aircraft : CRJ-700


Airline : British Airways
Flight Number : BA478
Departure Airport : BCN
Arrival Airport : EGLL
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1715z
Date : Today, Wednesday 12th April 2017.


Was it not clear already lol...


All I can provide is the registration because that's what I managed to get.

Departing Selfridge ANG Base within the next few hours and I will be on that plane.

Keep track of me and let me know where you think I have landed


I forgot to mention that it's a multi-stop flight eventually destined to land across the pond.