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Airline : United Airlines
Flight Number : 1216
Departure Airport : KCLE
Arrival Airport : KSFO
Departure time (in Zulu) : 0:10
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 5:40
Date : 12/23/16 (It actually is 12/22, but 12/23 with zulu conversion)
Aircraft : Boeing 737-800


Delta Airlines (DL)
KLGA LaGuardia
KFLL Fort Lauderdale
Departing 16:45 Zulu
Boeing 717-200
Delayed 2 HOURS


Thai AirAsia
27th December 2016
10:50AM China Standard Time


Airline: British Airways- Ba
Flight number: Ba2648
Departure Airport: London Gatwick
Arrival Airport: Tirana Airport
Departure time: 09:00 Zulu time
Arrival time: 11:55 Zulu time/ In Albania the time will be 12:55
Date: 28th of December
Aircraft: A319/20( It says a320 on the website but sometimes changes to the a319)


Here's our plane! The inbound flight just took off.


That's awesome thanks !


Departure in 2 h 30 m but we haven't even left yet :p


Enjoy your flight sir ! And don't forget to take (a lot) of pictures that's IMPORTANT Really ;-)


Yup! We're at the airport now :3


Nice! Don't forget to send us some photos! 😄 And enjoy your flight!

Don Mueang may be an old airport, But I think Don Mueang Airport is pretty great! (Except those fierce Immigration personnel). Hope you can enjoy the activities in there!


Thanks! We're gonna take this plane:

It's a pretty cool livery!


It must be nice that you're going to take a flight with a Special Livery aircraft! 😄. Enjoy your flight and have a nice holiday in Bangkok Kyle!


It's beautiful! 😍


Today I'm flying on a delta a330 from Boston to Amsterdam I'm going to take videos for my YouTube channel SPB2727 Aviation I'm at seat 14a and Im boarding at around 7:30. I'm also going on a KLM erj-190 or 737 I'm not sure right now from Amsterdam to Warsaw.


Airline: Southwest
Flight Number: 4086
Departure Airport: PBI- Palm Beach International
Arrival Airport: BWI- Baltimore Washington International
Departure Time- 19Z05
Arrival Time- 21Z25
Date: December 28, 2016
Aircraft- 737-700

Please track my flight and also let me know if I have any errors in my flight setup. I will take pics of my flight and post them!


That seems good 😊 !


Airline : Singapore Airlines
Flight Number : SQ953
Departure Airport : CGK - Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International
Arrival Airport : SIN - Singapore Changi International
Departure Time (STD) : 0125Z (08:25am CGK Time (UTC+7))
Arrival Time (ETA) : 0310Z (11:10am SIN Time (UTC+8))
Date : January 13, 2017 (Friday)
Aircraft : B777-300 (Non-ER)


Yay!! Great to hear! 👍😊


The approach into Tirana was so good because we flew close to hills and when we were on right base the pilots put the throttle back up and it was windy so we did a crosswind landing


Waiting at the gate.

About to board as well!