Track other members' flights!


Wow! Did anyone watch that?


As a matter of fact I did, very neat!


I will be posting here soon!


So post here when you do..


I plan on doing that.


Video is up on the gram! Next time I do this I'm definitely wearing some ear protection.


That was loud! Great video dude!


I am going to leave for the Embry Riddle Flight Expliration Camp in Daytona today.

Airline: United Airlines
Flight Number: UA4716
Deptarture Airport: KGJT Grand Junction
Arrival Airport: KDEN Denver
Departure time: 12:50 PM MST
Arrival time: 1:58 PM MST
Date: 6/24/17 (Today)

3+ hour layover in Denver

Airline: United Airlines
Flight Number: UA738
Departure Airport: KDEN Denver
Arrival Airport: KMCO Orlando
Deptarture Time: 5:30 PM MST
Arrival Time: 11:09 PM EST (9:09 MST)
Date: 6/24/17
Track for as long as you want.


Do you know which airplane you are going to take for this leg ? I'm interested ;-)


It's on a A320. You would expect a Boeing 738.πŸ˜‰


You discovered the reason of my request ^^^ Good job πŸ‘


Have a flight On August 1st 2017 AAL 1757 departing KCLT at 2:35 P.M EST and arriving in KEWR at 4:29 P.M EST


Hey Denver locals, @Infinite.flight, @Ben, any of you at DIA?


Boeing 738
Depart 16:10 PST
First leg of the scenic route home. LAX-SEA-DEN.
Plus, were out of TBIT!

Depart 19:10 PST
I guess I'll add both while I'm at it.


Out of TBIT? Wow! Does Delta use their TBIT gates for domestic flights on a regular basis? I know American uses some of their TBIT gates for domestic flights in the morning when it's not too busy.


I don't know, really. I was pleasantly surprised none the less.


Ah okay. Yeah definitely! Well, enjoy your flight and TBIT, it's absolutely stunning!


September 2nd I will be flying from RAAF Base Amberley to RAAF Williams at Point Cook, Victoria in a C-17. If any Australian members want to see ;)


Airline : Air Arabia - 3O
Flight Number : 3O - 342
Departure Airport : LYS (Lyon St. Exup. Intl.)
Arrival Airport : CMN (Casablanca Mh. V Intl.)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 17Z15
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 20Z00
Date : 30th June 2017

Don't forget to track my flight guys πŸ‘Š πŸ˜‰

Annnnnnddddd, 3 other flights are coming very soon!


Airline : United Airlines
Flight Number : 413
Departure Airport : KCLE
Arrival Airport : KSFO
Departure time (in Zulu) : 23:26
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 4:00
Date : 6/30/17
Aircraft : Boeing 737-900