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Next leg:
The first of four straight Dreamliners.
12 hours here we go. First impressions of this dreamy liner are great. Ridiculously great movie selection too. Except full review.


Enjoy your flight @Ben !


This flight is Tomorrow:

Airline: Southwest Airlines
Flight Number: #405
Departure Airport: Denver CO. KDEN
Arrival Airport: Cancun Mex. MMUN
Departure Time: 12:20 PM MST (6:20 zulu?)
Arrival Time: 5:05 PM CST (10:05 zulu?)
Date: 6/3/17


Airline : Delta
Flight Number : DL1199
Departure Airport : CVG
Arrival Airport : ATL
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1640Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 1813Z
Date : 6/3/2017


Departing in two hours due to delay ;(
Airline: Jetstar Australia
Flight Number: JQ769
Departure Airport: YPAD, Adelaide SA
Arrival Airport: YSSY, Sydney NSW
Departure Time: 9:00am ZULU Might be delayed by more time :(
Arrival Time: 12:00pm ZULU 1 hour delay due to weather (80% chances)
Date: 6/7/17


Departing 8:15 in the morning for Doha to transit for Bangkok, will be up all night on a sim watching this topic and maybe track people.
Airline: Qatar Airways
Flight Number: QR036 & QR826
Departure Airport: EGBB (BHX), Birmingham Int’l DOHA TRANSIT 45 MINS QRII OTBD (DOH), Doha Int’l
Arrival Airport: VTBD (BKK), Survanabhumi Int’l
Departure Time: 07:15AM ZULU 22/7/17
Arrival Time: 03:25AM ZULU 23/7/17
Date Of Departure: Saturday 22nd July 2017 22/7/17
Straight Dreamliners for inbound to Thailand (EGBB - OTBD - VTBD, BHX - DOH - BKK)
Coming back is a different matter, Boeing 777W from VTBD - OTBD (BKK - DOH) then another Dreamliner back to home OTBD - EGBB (DOH - BHX)
Good Luck others!



Tokyo Haneda (HND) to San Francisco (SFO)
United 787-9 (N15969)
Departs at 3:40pm JST
Flight back to my homeland after a great trip to Japan. Sad to go home, but wil be good to get back into the swing of things.


San Francisco (SFO) to Denver (DEN)
787-9 N15969
Departs 11:10 PST
How neat is this! I am flying the same plane on two different legs. Just arrived here in SFO on N15969 and I am now leaving to Denver on her too! Neat!


Wow, looks like a busy day.


No flights posted in 3 days? Hmm. We need to keep this enlarged again.


Vacations will start soon for most of us ;-)


Absolutely not @a330fan ! Many people are tracking users! Remember that we're not in vacation, so during you flight some of us were probably at school or busy by final exams.

Your post is useless, instead of raging simply because no one have tracked your flight, create some constructive contents.


Departure Airport: KDEN
Arrival Airport: KLAS
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Flight #: F9779 (FFT779)
Flight Time: 2 hours 1 minute

Track my flight in five minutes....F9779 nonstop service to Las Vegas Airport.


There you are!


Thanks for spotting me :)


Departure Airport: CYVR
Arrival Airport: RJAA
JL 17 - Boeing 787-8


Denver (DEN) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time: 19:48 MST
Arrival time: 21:25 PST
Plane: Delta Erj-175, operated by Skywest (N235SY)
First time flying Delta in a while, let's see how it goes.


Wasn't sure exactly where to put this, but this seems like the appropriate place.

My brother is flying his citation out of one of my local airports and I'll be at the opposite end of the runway taking head on shots of the departure as well as live streaming the takeoff on Instagram.

If anyone would like to check it out it should be a pretty cool angle since I'll only be a few steps from the end of the runway and my brother will be staying low the takeoff.

Live stream should start roughly around 5:45PM PST on my Instagram. Having notifications on would be helpful since it gives you one when it starts.


Do you know the ICAO? Just curious about the airport