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Airline : Jet Airways
Flight Number : 9W 413
Departure Airport : Jodhpur (JDH/VIJO)
Arrival Airport : Mumbai (BOM/VABB)
Departure time (in Local) : 1325(1:25 p.m.) and 0755(7:55 a.m.) in Zulu
Arrival time (in Local) : 1455(2:55 p.m.) and 0925(9:25 a.m.) in Zulu
Aircraft : Boeing 737-800
Class : Business Class
Date : 25 May 2017
Seat : 1A


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Airline : Cathay Dragon
Flight Number : KAO396
Departure Airport : HKG - VHHH ( Hong Kong international airport )
Arrival Airport : HND - RJTT ( Haneda International airport ) [ TOKYO ]
Departure time ( estimated ) : 0935ZULU
Arrival time ( estimated ) : 1425ZULU
Date : 25/05/2017
Aircraft : Unknown yet ( most likely a A321-200 )


I will be on a connecting flight so I have 2 flights. (JFK-DXB-HYD)
1st Leg
Airline: Emirates
Flight Number: EK-202
Departure Airport: John F Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) New York, USA
Arrival Airport: Dubai International Airport (DXB) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Departure Time: 03:00 (Zulu)--23:00 (EST)
Arrival Time: 15:45 (Zulu)--19:45 (GST)
Date: Departs 13-06-17 and Arrives 14-06-17
Layover: 2hr 15min
2nd Leg
Airline: Emirates
Flight Number: EK-524
Departure Airport: Dubai International Airport (DXB) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arrival Airport: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) Hyderabad, India
Departure Time: 18:00 (Zulu)--22:00 (GST)
Arrival Time: 21:35 (Zulu)--03:05 (IST)
Date: Departs 14-06-17 and Arrives 15-06-17

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Airline : Southwest
Flight Number : 5524
Departure Airport : KISP
Arrival Airport : KFLL
Departure time (in Zulu) : 9:35 AM EST (not sure about Zulu) in 12 hours 😜
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 12:35 PM EST (not sure about Zulu)
Date : Saturday May 27th (tomorrow!)

Going down to Florida to visit a bunch of relatives for Memorial Day. My first time flying since August so I'm very excited!


Enjoy your flight ! @RTG113


Will do! Thank you :)


I was wrong, it was an A320 :(


PANC to kmsp sun country 475


Are you one of these? :) @N881RA


Lol second plane from the left


Well, my vacations are over this Friday, since I'm taking summer classes next Monday to take advantage of time. I had a wonderful time in Panama though.

  • American Airlines #960 from Panama City (PTY) to Miami (MIA). Departs at 7:10am EST and arrives at 11:22am EDT.

  • American Airlines #2700 from Miami (MIA) to St. Louis (STL). Departs at 3:30pm EDT and arrives at 5:19pm CDT.


Airline : Southwest
Flight Number : 5507
Departure Airport : KFLL
Arrival Airport : KISP
Departure time (in Zulu) : 8:05 PM EST (not sure about Zulu)
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 10:55 PM EST (not sure about Zulu)
Date : Tuesday May 30th (today)

In a little over 3 hours


@RTG113 @brunocr98 Have safe flights!




Denver - San Francisco
8:20 AM MST
Boeing 777-222 (Domestic)
She's an old plane, from 1995 and used to be with COA. I'll send photos as I board.

This is the first leg of DEN-SFO-KIX-HND-SFO-DEN.


Airline : British Airways
Flight Number : BA1432
Departure Airport : London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL)
Arrival Airport : Edinburgh airport (EDI)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 06:00z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 07:20z
Date : 2 / 6 / 17


Didn't 2/6/17 already pass. Are you going back in history? lol jkjk


This is the British system of dates, so the 2nd June 2017. I don't get the American system, however if you understand it better, it is 6/2/17. @K3v1nxu


O hahaha srry lol. I was like what ru doing going back in time. Big fail.

This is off topic but idk why america uses different systems as other countries (measurement, dates, temperature, etc). So confusing ;)


Safe Travels and have fun in Japan!