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Airline : Turkish Airlines
Flight Number : TK1920
Departure Airport : GVA
Arrival Airport : IST
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1740Z
Date : Today, Wednesday 13th April 2017.

Exceptionally we will have the A330-300!! So excited ;-)


At the airport, track me in an hour ;-)


Aauugh I got here to late. Wish I could have tracked you dude!


Hey you got us! Thanks!!

It’s a friend of ours, flew us down to SNA so we didn’t have to drive to Disneyland.


I’m going on another flight in 3 hours!
Airline: Thai Airways
Flight Number: TG207
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Departure Airport: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
Arrival Airport: Phuket International (HKT)
Departure time (in Zulu): 0535 (12:35 +7 UTC)
Arrival time (in Zulu): 0635 (1:35pm +7 UTC)
Flight duration: >1hr
Date: Sunday 16/4/17
Tracking link:


You’re chillin on your A330 reg HS-TBA

that’s another way of saying I tracked you


Yeah, she was a clean and fresh looking aircraft!


Flying in 90 minutes from this post - track me! :)

AA1274 (BOS-MIA) @11:30Z
AA1604 (MIA-GUA) @16:53Z


Hey there! Soon I’ll be departing Sydney Bound for Auckland on Qantas Flight 145 (QF145) If anyone would be able to track it I think that’d be cool. I’d just like to know that you’re watching me from above 😁😁😁. Here’s the flight Stats:

Boeing 737-800 (73H)
Syd - Akl
YSSY - NZZA (I think)
Depart - 0115 Zulu

I’ll take some pics and post them afterwards.
And here it is on Flight Aware:


The credits are in the photo :)


I will probably be able to see your plane when you landing


Airline: Qantas
Flight Number: QF756
Departure Airport: Adelaide
Arrival Airport: Sydney
Departure time: 14:30 ACDT
Arrival time: 16:40 ACDT
Date: 19th April


I’m flying back to Geneva today (TK1921)


You will be above my house at 12.30


Flying back home today - track me!

AA1188 @ 13:05Z (GUA-DFW)
AA2328 @ 20:14Z (DFW-BOS)


You are currently on a 3 year old 738 reg N948NN


LH1415 Zagreb - Frankfurt
LH712 Frankfurt - Seoul Incheon
KE1333 Seoul Gimpo - Yeosu


May 12 MSP to ORD 737-900(ER) UA 520 6:30-8:02am CST

May 13 ORD-MSP CRJ-700 UA 4598 7:30am-9:05am CST


Airline : British Airways
Flight Number : BA664
Departure Airport : London Heathrow
Arrival Airport: Larnaca
Date : Today

Departing in 5 mins


Airline : Frontier Airlines
Flight Number : FFT403
Departure Airport: Denver International Airport
Arrival Airport: Los Angeles International Airport
Date: Today
Departing: in 78 minutes