[Three weeks to go] Caribbean jet off @EGKK- 1010300ZAUG18


Server: Training SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Airport: EGKK-TAPA

Time: 1030Z

NOTAM: I will publish the route at a later date

Could you turn up in Either:
A Virgin 789
Or a TUI 788 or 789
I am open to more airlines that fly the route

What airline you fly will be depended on your gate BELOW

North Terminal
GATE 47-TUI- @ollywhxte -TUIJET 3702

GATE 106-Virgin- @Logan_Lee -LAL2252
GATE 105-Virgin- @Sam_Morfitt -virgin428
GATE 104-Virgin- @Karin_Wong -virgin0528
GATE 103-Virgin-
GATE 102-Virgin-

South Terminal
GATE 21-BA- Me AKA @A320fan
GATE 23-BA- Speedbird 662 @SpeedPlayz

Should we stay on training server we would like ATC so could anyone volunteer please Arrival should be between 1700Z and 1900Z *subject to change

Ground- @JamieArscott Ground (TAPA)- @JamieArscott
Tower- @JamieArscott Tower (TAPA)- @JamieArscott
Departure/Approach Departure/Approach (TAPA)-

If we have enough expert server players then we will move to expert server.

If anyone is up for doing the return with me please PM

Infinite Flight Community’s Events Wiki

Gate 47 - TUI B787-9 - TOM3702 please


Sure thing, I’ll add you now, what grade are you?


Is there any chance you could change your callsign from TOM to TUIJET in the callsign menu


Grade 3 and sure, I can!


thanks see you there


What date is the event?


10th August is the date


I can be ATC if you needed both at Gatwick and TAPA


Sure thing, i assume you would like to be ground and tower


August the 10th 2018


Please mate, if able I’ll take ATC 15 minutes prior to departure and 15minutes prior to arrival


Sure, nearer the time i should be able to give more accurate timings, but for now we’ll keep it as is


No worries mate, just keep us informed :)


cool i’ll be making a group PM a week before hand


Can i have gate 106? Using virgin atlantic a340. Callsign LAL2252


Sure thing, see you in New York for that event too :)


Thx!what day is the jfk event on?


SATURDAY, also could you turn up in a b787-9 not an a340


Thx. And sure thing!