The Infinite Flight Photo Gallery | Best IF Photos


Taking off into the sunset.


It reminds me that we won’t have those bland city flats and low quality textures for something even better, Global!


Dang, this will be the most nostalgic photo in my camera roll as of tomorrow (hopefully) doing a throwback KLAX KNUC Flight with the sun setting on the old update.

This has been, even though it was a mere 17 minutes, the most nostalgic flight to date.


Departing KNUC for the final time


What? You didn’t use the A380! You didn’t do the “proper” KNUC departure ;)


Shoot you’re right, and I didn’t fly inverted either, what was I doing?!


Here are some photos from Global


Queenstown to Auckland. Screenshots uploaded in a completely different order 🙄


The sun, the moon, the Jetstar


Some photos from my first OF many transatlantic flights, this one was from JFK to CDG, about 6.5 hrs


It’s a Jetstar with stars!


Here are some from my voyage to Auckland from Dubai


Global is truely amazing! Great Job, FDS!!


Truly amazing i just love it




You need antialiasing on ;)



Wow! I love that 2nd photo. You got that photo from the perfect angle!


Just started my first long haul, serious flight. YYZ-TPE 777-300ER (substituted as a 787-10)