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Ya:) I didn’t try to but it worked


I’m still very new to editing photos


Some of them felt a little too bright for me and it distracted my from the main picture. But I liked them and a suggestion, tone down the shine on some of the pictures as they can distract viewers… ( I am just doing constructive criticism I do not mean to offend you)


These are some really old pictures, my newer edits are much better.


Virgin Heavy about to touch down in a wind shear


That’s quite a late crab!
The plane should crab at around 50-40ft, if not it the plane cannot rotate in time before landing :)


This picture is from top gun the movie f14 tomcat


One of my best photo out of all of my photos :)


I’m in the dash 9



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How’s This?


Departing JFK


You never go wrong flying with Emirates 😊




While you in line among the GIANTS.


No, it’s called a de-crab, where you maintain angle until touchdown and then use rudder to centralize. Almost all airliners use it, standard crab is mostly for GA planes with fragile gear. (@Overspeed)


Shouldn’t this be merged with Best IF Photos


I crab all the way in on final. I just keep the pipper on the end of the
runway and give it a little rudder right as I touch down and I’m good.