The IFVARB’s Second VA Summit (VA Applications Closed) @ EDDF - 072000ZJUL18


Runway Announcement

We will be landing on the 25 ends (Plan Alpha).



Tailwinds flying club is only 2hrs away


Just to clarify:
Are all departures out of EDDF going to be on 25C? It seems you only have one departure procedure for the 25 ends (25C Slanted Pinhole Departure)



We should have 18 open with Death’s Door Departure as well. Plan Charlie for departures.


Can I ask when the ATC will open as we have a few VAs just under a hour from landing


The top of the hour. We don’t want to open too soon.



If you are spawning into an assigned gate and see that someone is at your spot, please be patient for that space to be clear! Do not spawn on top of another aircraft just because that is your reserved gate.

If all else fails, review the gate assignments and then spawn at an open location


FDX is just 45 minutes out, we’re taking the long way round for a southbound arrival! 8 planes are coming into EDDF!


FDX virtual has touched down safely at EDDF!



With about 8 pilots left to land, I would say that the second summit was a success!

I would like to thank everyone from IFATC who kindly volunteered their time to help bring in all aircraft safely. I would also like to thank members of the IFVARB who lent their time in planning and coordination to allow for the day of to go off without a hitch. Finally, I would like to thank everyone for coming out and I hope you had fun!

See you at the next summit,
On behalf of the IFVARB team.


Omg I overslept!! Turning back I’ll be there in 15 mins 😂😂


A big thanks to the IFVARB for planning this great event! As well as IFATC for their efforts in controlling and keeping the Infinite Flight skies safe!