The IFVARB’s Second VA Summit (VA Applications Closed) @ EDDF - 072000ZJUL18


Erm…I have a question.

I am not part of this event but I am flying to Frankfurt from LA. My approximate arrival time is between 0700Z and 0800Z. Will I be allowed to land there or will I have to divert?

I will of course follow the specified runway arrival route if I am allowed to land at EDDF tomorrow morning between 0700Z and 0800Z.


You’re early enough, activity won’t really start picking up until 1900z.


Yeah I though so since Ill be landing only 2-3 hours after

Currently about 3 hours away


American Virtual Group 1 departing from DFW


How many showed up at DFW?


3 I think or maybe 4 @Xpira


Same number of people for FedEx VA


American Virtual has 3 groups going, expect to see us in full force later today at EDDF!


Tailwinds is departing out of KEWR in approximately 5 mins and we plan to be there on time!


We also have an alternate flight plan for those who join later but will arrive on their scheduled arrival time, so it may be 2-3 more.


Yeah sadly we had quite a few people pull out last minute! We are now en route to EDDF and can’t wait to see all the other VA’s there!


Looking great right now.


ACVA is now wheels up and are on the way. We now have 8 pilots instead of the 15 we were hoping for. But still strong!


FedEx Virtual were off the about 2 hours ago. Of the 15 that were supposed to come only 4 came but we may have a few join us on the way! Can’t wait to see everyone there!


DLVA is wheels up from KJFK with 15 strong heading over the pond! LEMD group will be taking off in a few hours! See everyone in Frankfurt!


Very far North compared to everyone else!


Just a notice to the IFVARB. There are two people using DLVA callsign that are not in DLVA. Any actions by them should not represent DLVA. Callsigns are DLVA2 and DLVA228 are not DLVA members.


ACVA is around 5 hours and 45 minutes out!


Awesome, we are just under 5 hours away!


Singapore Virtual is up and about headed to EDDF for a successful second summit!