The IFVARB’s Second VA Summit (VA Applications Closed) @ EDDF - 072000ZJUL18


To add to what @BluePanda900 said, we’ll have some gates reserved for spectators and guests. We’ll outline guest procedures and etiquette later today.


That’s all cool but what if there is someone that isn’t in the community and doesn’t know anything about this event? You can’t just ghost or kick him. That would be very unfair.


They will get an “event in progress” ATIS and we’ll just hope that they will stay as far out of the way as possible. The controller will assign the designated runways so it will not interfere with flow.


Alright. Well, good luck with this event! I’ll might drop by just have a look.


Hello everyone,

VA stand assignments are now posted on the Google Sheet linked on the top of the thread and here.

Supplementary charts, courtesy of @Aquila:

To find your place, please use this handy chart (Courtesy of Vatsim Germany):

Detailed procedures and instructions for arrival, departure, and ground operations will be coming tomorrow. Please be prepared for holds and bring at least an hour of extra fuel, if not more.



Update - 20180702

Hello everyone,

Before we get started, I would like to thank @JoshFly8, @Aquila, and @BluePanda900 for getting us to this point in the process. While I’ve been writing update posts, they’ve been hard at work making sure all the behind-the-scenes stuff goes smoothly.

All VA’s with assigned gates are listed in this Google Sheet.
Please read all documentation carefully.

Phase 1 - Approach and Landing

Primary Reference Document for this section - EDDF Arrival Plan Created by @JoshFly8

There will be two runways active for arrivals during the event. Each participant is allocated an arrival slot. Please adhere to the assigned arrival times to ensure proper arrival spacing.

Pilots are divided between the two runways in the Google Sheet, if you cannot find your name on the Google Sheet, you’re assigned a different runway. Please use the handy tabs on the bottom of the page to access arrival assignments for the other runway.

Assigned arrival paths are attached above and below. The north runway (07L/25R) will be used by summit participants approaching from the north, the south runway (07R/25L) will be used by participants approaching from the south with exceptions.

If your VA is among those with an approach from the north and landing on the south runway, hear me, and rejoice, for your aircraft will be used to contribute to the balance between the north and south runways. #ThanosDidNothingWrong ;) (We’ll DM you instructions and details ASAP)

Please read the instructions carefully and follow them to ease the workload on controllers. Pay particular attention to speed and altitude restrictions to ensure that consistent spacing is maintained.

Phase 2 - After Landing

Primary Reference Document - Ground Plan/User’s Guide
Please use the charts attached below to help you find your way around.

Some General Notes and Remarks:

  • To ease controller workload, please yield to traffic approaching from the right at an intersection
    to prevent collisions.
  • To ease congestion and maximize throughput, please reduce runway dwell times by vacating in
    an expeditious manner.
  • The north side of the airport will be heavily congested during the event. To alleviate congestion
    and reduce confusion, there will be designated taxiways for traffic heading east and west to
    reach their stands. Please use the designated taxiways in the assigned direction to reach your
  • When arriving on stand, please pull all the way forward to the designated stopping point to
    prevent parts of the aircraft overhanging the taxiway/ramp area and causing potential collisions.
  • Please make sure you’re using the correct taxi line on your stand. Most aprons can co-
    accommodate both Code E and Code C aircraft.
  • Please park on the correct line to maintain wingtip clearance. We’re bursting at the
    seams. We will all fit if everyone follows the gate assignments.

Phase 3 - Departure

Primary Reference Document - EDDF Departure Plan Created by @JoshFly8

Departure runways will be 18 and 07C/25C. Please expect delays and follow all taxi instructions as set out here.

Once again, please follow all SID procedures to ensure maintenance of proper spacing.

That’s all folks! Read all the instructions and have fun!

IFVARB Administrator
On behalf of the team.



Your assigned gates are below, please read all attached documentation above as well.

Please do not attempt an arrival, we’re bursting at the seams. Just spawn in and

Code C Aircraft Stands (737/A320)

  • V92, V93, V175-V178, V266-V270 (11 Spectators)

Code F Aircraft Stands (All Aircraft)

  • F231-F238 (7 Spectators)
  • If you’re spectating with a Code C or below aircraft, please populate the Code C stands first.


@danman The landing runaways will be confirmed as we approach EDDF, correct?


They should be confirmed a few hours before the event, but sometime along the arrival path, yes. Keep an eye peeled on a secondary device, please.


Roger that, I’ll have about 3 devices with charts haha!!


And will we be provided with any specific arrival charts?


The fixes are provided in the arrival packet linked by Danman. You’re more than welcome to compose your own flight plan all the way up to the first fix listed in the STAR for the appropriate runway - from there, you’ll be vectored along each provided fix all the way to the ILS.

N/S app will reserve the right to shuffle you accordingly to get everyone in a line before handing off to final approach, though. FYI.


Awesome! I meant are there any visual approach charts?


Due to the sheer volume we’re expecting, visual approaches are out of the question. Everyone will need to wait their turn.


Roger. Maybe I didn’t put it right, I meant like a chart with the approaches for all the runaways so we can see the airport and the fixes to approach. An approach plate basically
Something like this:


No, just follow the STAR, we promise you it will lead to the runway.


Just a few last minute details…

Hello everyone!

The summit is less than 48 hours away! Please make sure you understand all instructions and have everything prepared. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedures, please let us know now so the event goes smoothly.

On the day of the event…

If you have any concerns before or during the event. I’ll be available from 1600z until the end of the event for urgent event-related inquiries. I’ll also serve as the liaison between IFATC and event participants, please let me know about any issues at your earliest convenience so we can develop solutions accordingly.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.


Extremely well planned event. Would have joined if I weren’t too busy. Good luck and Happy trails!


Is it okay to not be in a VA and still go to frankfurt or any of the other featured airports?


Yes, but be expected to be put at the back of the line like the other VAs. READ the prescribed procedures and follow instructions to the letter.