Tecnam P2006T | Made in Italy



My opinion

This twin-piston-engine might not be the fastest, but it does definitely belong to the list of the most interesting/good looking general aviation aircraft. The engines used to power this aircraft are also often to find in ultralight airplanes. That does mean it is very fuel efficient, wich is today even more important then ever before. Another reason to add this aircraft is that it is today the cheapest twin-engine aircraft you can buy brand new.
But my personal favorite feature is the fact that it is a small, twin engine, high-wing GA with retractable landing gear. By that it does perfectly fill the lack of GA in IF. #makeGAgreatagain

Description of the aircraft by the manufacturer

Flexible, economical light twin.
The Tecnam P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice for not only the world’s most reputable Flight Training Organisations but private owners alike. A firm favorite with leading General Aviation fight-test journalists who praise its styling, handling and very low operating costs.

Tecnam P2006T is a twin-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. The superior high-wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility and easy access for passengers and luggage. Tecnam has used its extensive experience with aluminum airframes to create in the Tecnam P2006 a robust yet very light airframe, resulting in an outstanding payload-to-total weight ratio.

The wings are of traditional construction, that is essentially a mono spar configuration. Integral fuel tanks are located outboard of the engines, holding 100 litres each for a total of 200 litres.

Particular attention has been paid to the cabin’s structural design in order to ensure the required crashworthiness as prescribed in recent amendments to the FAA-FAR23 and EASA-CS23 codes.

The generous interior dimensions of the Tecnam P2006T allow maximum space for pilots and passengers alike. With its two doors, its upholstered seats complete with headrests and vertical adjustment, the cabin provides great flexibility for pilots of varying physical size to optimise their comfort.

Specific care has been given to cabin interiors and acoustic comfort. The ventilation system features one vent outlet for each occupant. The heating system uniformly warms the cabin and a defrost manifold prevents the windshield from fogging up even while taxiing.

Large windows, together with the high wings, provide excellent visibility for a very pleasant flight, as well as for safe ground operations. The cabin has a spacious luggage compartment of 350 litres, which is easily accessible.

Premium option makes your aircraft more precious: Alcantara leather and a dark ceiling improve your flying experience with unique ingredients. Your aircraft interiors is now more exclusive and comfortable while guaranteeing absolute compliance with the industry’s strictest standards.

Aircraft Dimensions

Fuselage Height: 2,58m – 8.46 ft
Fuselage Length: 8.7m – 28.5 ft
Wingspan: 11.4m – 37.4 ft
Cabin Height (seat to cover): 0.91m – 3 ft
Cabin Width: 1.22m – 4 ft
Max Seating capacity: 4
Fuel tank capacity: 2×100L – 2×26.4 US Gal

Design Weight & Loading

Maximum Take Off Weight: 123 kg – 2712 lb
Empty Weight, Standard: 819kg – 1806 lb VFR Standard
Useful Load: 411kg – 906 lb
Baggage allowance: 80kg – 176 lb


Engine Manufacturer: ROTAX 912 S3
Engine Power: 100 + 100 HP
Time Before Overhaul: 2000 hrs
Propeller: Two-Bladed Constant Speed Full Feathering
Fuel Consumption: 17 + 17 lt/h – 4.50 + 4.50 US Gal/h
Fuel Type: Mogas and Avgas


Max Cruise Speed (KTAS): 278km/h – 150 kts
Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) KCAS: 102km/h – 55 kts
Practical ceiling: 4267m – 14,000 ft
Take off run: 301m – 988 ft
Take off distance: 394m – 1293 ft
Landing Run: 231m – 758 ft
Landing Distance: 349m – 1145 ft
Rate of climb: 5.3 m/sec – 1036 ft/min
Range: 669 NM – 1239 km
Flight Rule: VFR Day, VFR Night, IFR


Possible Liveries

British Airways Club
LOT Flight Academy
Bartolini Air
Guardia Civil
Grey Bird Pilot Academy
Private 01
European Aviation School (EAS) Barcelona
Geo Survey
Private 02
Baltic Aviation Academy
Aeronautica Militare Italiana
All Asia Aviation Academy
Grupo Seven Air
If you would like to add a livery to the list, just send me a PM or tag me in you post in this thread and i will add it.


Weird looking but very interesting plane, particular fan of the BA Club livery.
Real question is, is it @Tecnam2TA’s brother?


Who knows 😄.

There is only one way to find out…



Care to add any of your own thoughts? This entire post is a word-for-word copy off the website.


I‘ll add some. Good idea


Quirky looking plane, like the Ferrari red on it!


Hahaha yes. But to be honest it is definitely not the fastest twin piston aircraft.


I’m particularly a P92 fan but can’t go wrong with any Tecnam LSA. 😜


If you like it vote for it! I mean it does stay in the family 😋


TL;DR. but I do like the red paint job.


Sorry i do not know what you mean with that in the beginning. @bookers4eva


Too long; Didn’t read. It’s a common internet abbreviation to represent the reader didn’t read the whole item, or as a marker at the end of an article summarising it


Yeah just got a PM wich explained it 🙂


I think this would be a very interesting aircraft to fly.


the aircraft looks really weird, but at the same time it looks fascinating.


I can totally understand what you mean! And i really do like it for that reason.


Nice! Looks cute! A Cirrus Vision Jet+A Q400


Yes i do absolutelyagree with you. My favorite part is the shape of the fuselage.


Twin engine AND retractable gear? And good looking? Wow, they do treat us…


This looks like a fun plane to fly!