Taxiway Lights


At night it Really sucks Xd Such lights would be so nice


I usually fly at day or dusk because I cant see ANYTHING at night…


yes thats one of the big things, but im sure they will work on it


Well, we can blame the dark cockpit as well.


Is there any update on this? If it is to do with Device requirements perhaps only the newest Phones and Tablets should be able to support it?


What do u mean by update?



Not sure what you mean but if you want to say: “is the FDS working on it” or “have they said anything about it?” No they didn’t if they do you shall see it on their social media. But don’t expect this soon, they’re now working on other projects at the moment.


Philippe has spoken about this before. We have implemented lighting along the aprons and taxiways at most airports. We are waiting for IF to be able to balance the ambient lighting so that not only do you see the lights they are actually able to guide. I hope IF makes this their next update 😀


Haha there are currently 420 votes


Same here. Adding some lights for taxi would help a lot when you land/take off at night.
I landed at Schiphol yesterday at the end of the day, I had a lot of trouble to find my way to taxi.


This was at 420 votes and I had to contemplate for a while if I wanted to bump that up or not


Up third on the list of most voted features. We should really expect some progress now…


Depending on the thoughts of the developers. That’s their decision to make. I do feel this might be a considerable idea to the fact, its one of the most voted.


worst thing ever is trying to taxi at night in the cockpit. If the landing light really work that would help too


Then you may want to vote for this topic. This topic is for taxiway lights, not landing lights illuminating on the ground.


i know its about taxiways lights, i was just stating that, thx for the info.


this topic should get intention of the developpers, it’s still a big desavantage for us IF users !


I like having more airplanes, but I feel the airports are being left out, and as an airport editor that has been adding lights to airports since the start, I’m starting to think their habilitation is becoming increasingly important to keep up with the development of the simulator. We need lights at night, both in airports and on the airplanes.


The developers are focusing too much on adding new aircraft, what we need is improvements on the aircraft we currently have and taxiway lights, so we can keep to realism and navigate on the ground at night without exiting cockpit view.


The developers working on aircraft are separate to those working on graphics. So no, one does not slow down the other.