Taxiway Lights


That’s also part of the reason I dont fly at night. Taxiway lights are great for not only taxiing at night but also easier to spot airports


I love the taxiway light idea but we need the runway lights too! Just better lighting in general (ex: aircraft lights illuminating the improved taxiway/runway lights)


We currently do have runway lights, I just don’t thunk there bright enough.


I think this is a great idea! You’ve got my vote!


Hopefully this comes with the CRJ update because FDS is making alot of suprises:)


I also agree, especially since I know that is San Fran, I think the taxiway lights would bright up the airport even more


this topic is about taxiway light, oh and have you voted yet? :)


Yeah I voted for this. I have a low end phone that I play IF on, and whenever I do a flight for a VA, I always have to use APPR because I can’t see anything when landing. It helps all the time but I would like to try to land other jets like the A330, A380, B747, B737 and many others. I’m pretty sure that if better lights were added, I would be able to land much better and by myself! Cya APPR!


We already have runway lights, though.


For sure this is critical to have it at every major airport in IF.
Imagine this in real life- if you are a pilot and you just landed an aeroplane with the support of runway lights. And the entire airport has nothing but weak lightings from the terminals. With the dim of taxi lights and ATC, you still had no clue where you are going and which taxiway is the correct one.
This is the exact situation at IF atm. Every time I landed at nights I still can’t see a THING even turning brightness into max. And for sure most of the users have the same thoughts.
So We MUST have taxiway lights- for more realism and the sake of convenience.


This is about taxiway lights. Although brighter runway lights would be good.


Not bright enough for low spec users.


With the global update out, I think we need a patch or update just for the lights, a complete rework on all lights


Yeah this would be so nice :)!


400th vote! Let’s see if the devs can add this so night flying becomes so much easier!


Are they working on them, or they have not even started yet?


There has been no official statement whatsoever. We don’t even know if they’re ever coming. We’ll have to wait and see.


Aww man, so these might not even come in the next 5-10 years


We have no idea. I’d say in the next 10 years yes, but that’s up to FDS.


I voted because I cannot see at night AT ALL